Stranglehold or throatpinch?

Jason Kaehler anticipates only about 12 hours of gameplay for the Chow-Yun Fat action multiplatform Stranglehold.

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mikeslemonade5413d ago

I always thought 12-15 was average and 8-11.9 was short. This is okay for an action game.

SuperSaiyan45413d ago

Pure cack, it looks rubbish and a complete rip off of Max Payne!

shysun5413d ago

Max Paine is a rip off of they're Movie Hardboiled!It was the Matrix of it's time.12 hours is cool with me, plus it comes with the movie in 1080p!:)

Jdash245413d ago

It'll most likely have alot of replay value and online sounds sweet, cross platform online would be amazing thou, just saying, developers should really start doing that

unleash bass5413d ago

I'd rather have a great game that lasts 12 hours, instead of a piece of crap that lasts 20.

Besides I think that 12 hours isn't bad for this type of game, most game sof this sort only last about 8 hours.

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The story is too old to be commented.