Four PS3 titles make up Japan's five most wanted

The latest Famitsu's most wanted titles in Japan list continues to highlight that there is a strong interest in the future titles of the PS3.

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Maddens Raiders5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

is that nearly 50% of the lot are SNE games. That is, if you give a fvck.

felidae5423d ago

yeah, but i think it's nice to see the ps3's catching up.

WIIIS15423d ago

Waitaminnit I don't see any PS3 exclusives in that top 5.


Final fantasy XIII, Metal Gear Solid 4 and Monster Hunter 3 throw some light in your doubts?

Even in the Resident Evil matter... This one isn't list as PS3 game randomly (as DMC4 also). If you think in the average Japanese gamer that will buy a console just for this game, what console he would buy? Now you get it.

Remember everybody, this is the top 20 from a Japanese Magazine. Don't express the world desires, not even mean anything beyond that its readers desires those games.

Jdash245423d ago

are you blind?.......FFXIII and MGS4 are both ps3 exclusives

im just surprised that halo 3 made the list, japan just doesnt seem like the place where they would be excited for halo, plus such a small amount of japanese actually own xbox 360s

cityofgod5423d ago

yea dude are you seroius metal gear, final fantasy , hot shots golf. Seriously this comment was just flame bait.

ShAkKa5423d ago

i`ll tell you what you need too do,go to an OCULIST check your EYES,get some GLASSES come back here and you will notice that FINAL FANTASY,MONSTER HUNTER AND METAL GEAR are ps3 exclusives oh and if resident evil sell 100,000 copies on the 360 in japan i`ll be very,VERY surprized.

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felidae5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

... so what do you see?

HandShandy5423d ago

I really don't see why you waste you time trying to speak or reply to someone like "BS3" who is obviously a blind idiot. I mean you just look at his name and he had the idea of flaming the PS3 when he made his account...

According to some bizzare Xbox Fanboy prophecy Final Fantasty and MGS4 are both coming to the Xbox360 - I wouldn't dare recomend questioning this innacurate pressumption otherwise you in for a tidal amount of illogical PS3-hating propaganda.

The creation of the MGS4 and FFXIII coming to Xbox360 is down to the fact that the Xbox360 doesn't have enough of it's own interesting titles and they long for a share of the Playstation Titles - why else would they care?

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