Golden Eye Wii & DS Leaked

Golden Eye 007 for the Wii & DS has been leaked.
Also shows gun holder for the wii remote and nun chuck.
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sinncross4125d ago

The lack of HD versions is saddening...

El Botto4125d ago

Isnt goldeneye (the movie) like 13 years old?

I remember watching the movie in theaters with some friends.

The movie was pretty average and compared to a Bond movie, it sucked. Pierce Brosnan was a good 007 on paper. On the big screen, he was more cool than secret agent lmao.

And wtf is this about a goldeneye wii. Lmao what the fk. A 13 year old movie?

I assume they are talking about a remake. lol in this place and day, there is no place for goldeneye. If they are going to do a FPS bond, they might aswell make a new game instead of clinging on to the N64 prehistoric glory

Cheeseknight284125d ago

@El Botto

Honestly, Goldeneye as a movie was extremely mediocre. It's surprising that the game was better than the movie, and I really can't see how anyone can argue against that fact.


So far as a remake is concerned, I don't like it. Activision making it instead of Rare is almost destined to be an epic fail. Anyone remember Rogue Agent? Sure that was EA, but at the time they were almost as notorious as Activision is now.

lh_swe4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

Goldeneye the movie recieved high praise, it's also one of my favourite bond movies for me the two only propper bonds are Roger Moore and Peirce Brosnan.

Secondly why they would be remaking Golden Eye THE GAME (ring any bells?) is becuase of it's immense popularity and it's praise among many to be the best FPS. Just saying.

Edit- Most people were sucking their thumb when this came out so it could give them a chance to experience a peice of gaming history.

Legosz4125d ago

I agree. Now it's just going to look exactly the same... I think I will just stick with my N64 version.

asdr3wsfas4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

You apparently haven't played the n64 version in years. They have square heads and arms.

qface644125d ago

yeah not really because if this is true (which seems very believable since its activision and all) the game will most likely end up being a crap game anyways

Timesplitter144125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

It's made by Activision. If anything, they'll just destroy your childhood by changing everything that was good about that game and release a 15$ gloden Klobb DLC.

I also bet it'll be about Lt. James Bond (Daniel Craig, not Brosnan), a faceless American marine who must rescue the president from communist muslim terrorists who attacked the White House.

Thanks a lot Activision and please die in a fire

AAACE54125d ago

...But if it is, I guess they found a way around the legal crap that prevented the original from being remade!

multipayer4125d ago (Edited 4125d ago )

I'm pretty content with this as far as multiplayer goes and it is HD...

If I was in charge of the bond franchise though, I'd be super pissed the gaming industry isn't pimping my new shit. It's not like they are even capable of outdoing the original goldeneye game. Preempted fail.

mal_tez924124d ago

Goldeneye was freaking awesome, but shooters on the wii never work the way you want them too.

I'd rather play it with regular shooter controls than with the wiimote. Hopefully classic controller is supported

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topgun334125d ago

I think this is a joke. True Activision owns the Bond license for any potential Bond game except Goldeneye which was done by Rare. Rare is owned by microsoft. I heard a rumor about a year ago that one or two of the original guys that worked on the game, and that are still with Rare had upped the graphics significantly to run on xbox 360 and they had a finished version to sell on live, but they had to make a deal with nintendo because it was on the n64 system back in the day to share the profits but the heads at Nintendo balked at the idea of sharing. They should think about the fans craving this awesome old school shooter. Look a lot of people claim Halo to be the 1st person shooter king, but they forget if there was no Goldeneye there would be no Halo

PirateThom4125d ago

Yeah, but the story and characters aren't owned by Rare. Activision can effectively build a new Goldeneye game ignoring Rare's and, basically, sell it on name. The story, the characters, even things like mission objectives can be carried over and there's not really a lot anyone could do to stop it, if they do build it from scratch.

Might be good, might suck. We just don't know.

LtSkittles4125d ago

the survey says with Daniel Craig. I don't own a Wii, or 360, but it would be beyond awesome if they could work something out.

The Lazy One4125d ago

It depends on the judge you get. Simply remaking something doesn't mean you aren't breaking a copyright.

I can't remember 100% of the details, but I think M$/Rare own the goldeneye game, but Nintendo owns the distribution rights to the game or something like that.

NewNameNow4125d ago

If it IS made then I hope they do replace Pierce Brosnon with Daniel Craig, he's a way more cold-hearted bastard and an all around better bond.

Ripyealip4125d ago

i havent even seen a good 007 game this gen. whats up with that?!

lh_swe4125d ago

That the new Bond movies aren't all that great, they aren't even bond movies now, where are all the silly gadgets, cheesy one liners over the top villains? It's become just another bunch generic action movies, good but not really in the Bond spirit anymore.

CaptainPunch4125d ago

What are you talking about Casino Royale was really good. Why can't they just leave Golden Eye alone, they can't recreate the success of the game with a remake it just won't happen, Rare made the game and now it's owned my Microsoft.

lh_swe4123d ago

Yes Casino Royale was good but it wasn't Bond, sure he has the cool car and he gets the girl it was way! too serious, the villain wasn't over the top, hardly any cheesy gadgets (I can't remember any) and he can't deliver the suave that Bond is known for, so despite it being a good action movie it wasn't a good Bond movie.

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