At 60, Sony focuses on rebuilding brand

I really interesting read gives good sense of where the companys was just a few years ago and forseeing the direction the company is going, very interesting read enjoy

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DC RID3R5400d ago

its what everybody has known for quite a while now(outside of the 'Sony super cult' clan),

sony are nothing but the NAME nowadays!!!

How can a company like SOny, make a virtually unknown(L.G) come and snatch it's crown!?!?!(featherweight sparking out a super heavy!?!?!?)

SONY AINT SH*T!!!!!!!!!!

I wonder if all u sony suckers will awaken from outta ur COMATOSED states NOW!?!?!?

FU*KiN F*GS!!!!!!!!

Just wait till they go bakrupt, MS will buy them, the liquidate em, or 'Nuke Em' if u prefer!! heheh


zypher5400d ago

Chubachi acknowledged Sony had grown overly confident of its cathode-ray tube TV technology, failing to see how slimmer TVs were "an entirely new category."

Chubachi needs to have a few words with Ken and Kaz then. and he needs to poll future purchasers of PS3: then he'd discover that over 90% of them would trade Blu-ray for a $200 cheaper price tag.

pbo2m35400d ago

The problem with Sony is that they think because it has the Sony name people will buy it no matter what the price. It doesn't happen like that. You have Ken saying that the PS3 is to cheap. Maybe for what he's earning it is. But when most families have to work an entire week to afford a gaming system, that's a problem. Not to many people are making $600 a week. I know that there is also a substantial amount of people that do make that and a lot more but the majority don't and don't forget about all the other bills that these families have. We'll see what happens in November

zypher5400d ago

"In fact, Sony had grown arrogant about designing products that anticipated, rather than followed, consumer tastes," Chubachi said

"Producing a hit without listening to customers is inefficient, and we may even strike out," said Chubachi.

i just don't understand how they can say this with a straight face, and yet FORCE PS3 buyers to purchase Blu-ray for an additional $200.

DC RID3R5400d ago

time to destroy that Mo'fo!!!!!!!!