Wii Specs Fully Revealed? claim they have got their hands on the full specs of the Wii. Dont expect to be blown away but its interesting none the less.

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DC RID3R5399d ago

what all the sony cult will have to say, when nintendo starts to run a 'mockery' of the ps3??


kingboy5399d ago

lol who cares about them,their sections are always empty..too kiddy i quess hehe!!

THAMMER15399d ago

I would like to see more of a gamer out of you and less of a fan boy. The fan boy look is wak dog. I like what they are doing with the Wii. And you should have love for them too. Nintendo has had nothing negative to say about the PS3. Just take it in stride bro. There is no more hype behind the PS3 any more. It is put up or shut up time for them. And so far they are falling back. Do not get me wrong if the thing comes out and it is sweet I will wait 2 years for the price drop. If you do not most of wont care but you should be a real gamer and jump in.

kingboy5399d ago

what`s ur problem with me bro?Easy i got nuttin agaist u..i`m waving the white flag..chill

THAMMER15399d ago

I just like a lot of your opinions. And really think if you took a look at what Sony is doing to the industry we both love you would not defend them so much. To make a long story short when you post decent info it is well respected. But you responded to dc like you had to defend Sony real quick. Dc is known for slamming Sony but I think most of us have good reason to. But dude I do not hate you or anything I just can tell you have a lot to share and wish you applied it properly. Sony is strangling the video game industry right now and I love Sony it is just supposed to be honor and honesty but they are showing none at all they are pulling wool over every ones eye and using our loyalty against us. Just check out what they are doing in china.

USMChardcharger5399d ago

ign released what they thought were the specs several months ago and looks like they were right.

so the Wii is slightly more powerful then the orginal xbox.

the orginal xbox ran at 733mhz. it is the other features that make the Wii next gen (like usb connections). the xbox also had a faster GPU.

shotty5399d ago

So actually they could price the wii at less than the going rate for xbox 1.

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The story is too old to be commented.