Ripten Singularity Powerups Preview

Ripten's Bryce Wilson takes an indepth look at the power players can possess in the upcoming First Person Shooter: Singularity.

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Nostradavis3151d ago

Don't know much about this game but it sure seems a heck of a lot like BioShock. No?

Drjft3151d ago

Yeah, it's like a bit of Bioshock mixed in with what Timeshift should have been like. It'll be a fun gamer. We will have a review up hopefully prior too or post launch.

FrankDaTank3151d ago

if his powerglove could dispense beer i would totally buy this game.

Drjft3151d ago

Hmm, I was going to say it'd be even better if it also dispense women to bring the beer, but it'd already be right in your hands. So good beer, minus the whinging women. WIN-WIN!?