Motorstorm 3 Takes a Cue From Spilt/Second

Mucu from writes, "here has been a lot of stir recently about the supposedly leaked images of Motorstorm 3 from PS3-Gen. While I cannot confirm the validity of the pictures or not, I can analysis the images and look for hints about the upcoming title. On aspect of the pictures that stands out the most is how similar the game is looking to the recently released Split/Second. Did Evolution garner some inspiration from it?"

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scofios4676d ago (Edited 4676d ago )

Motorstorm3 Takes a Cue From Spilt/Second .
First of all those pictures doesn't show really much to make that assumption.
Second they might be fake or a game that's not even motorstom.

@Mucudadada to be honest no i didn't i only read the titel so my bad .
But i'm going now need , and check if there is a new step your game up thos guyes are funny .

Mucudadada4676d ago

Ya, I covered a those concerns in the article, buddy. Maybe you should learn to read more than just the title, ya?

Bobbykotickrulesz4676d ago

lol @ the "Takes a Cue From Split/Second" part of the title.

I don't think any game should take any kind of cue from the disaster that is Split/Second.

Incognegro4676d ago

I don't care what you say... Split/Second is pretty damn fun. Sure there may be a couple issues here and there, but they don't really destroy the games fun factor.

HolyOrangeCows4676d ago

Just like Uncharted: Drakes Fortune completely reformulated in less than a year to become a Gears of War Rip-off, right?

I guess people don't understand how much time and effort is put into game development. It's pretty funny that people think developers completely change their games to rip-off games that are a month old.

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captain-obvious4676d ago

those might actually be twisted metal screen shots
not motorstom

who knows

boysenberry4676d ago

I would be oh so happy if they were screenshots from the new Twisted Metal game. :)

coolasj4676d ago

"Based on this batch of leaked screens I’d say a lot, but Motorstorm 3 was well into production by the time Split/Second was announced. "

yoshiroaka4676d ago

The title is kind of misleading though.
Should have put a question mark at least.

Makes it look like he is trying to state a fact.

Mucudadada4676d ago

I agree. I should have put a question mark. My bad, guys!

Gray-Fox4676d ago

I'm assuming that the devs started making motorstorm 3 just after motorstorm 2. So well over 2 years ago, I doubt they actually "took a cue" from Split/Second.. because y'know split/second only came out a week or two ago and MS 3's development started 2 years ago, and the planning could have begun well before that.

Headshot814676d ago

I heard MS3 has been in development for quiet some time, but who knows.

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Darkspade4676d ago

Not what I'd want to see from Motorstorm at all, they are 2 different races style Games

Killjoy30004676d ago

I'm sure there was absolutely no influence from Split/Second because Motorstorm 3 has most likely been in production for a long time, meaning that what you see in these screenshots was probably conceptual before Split/Second was even shown to the public.

DA_SHREDDER4676d ago

Shut up guys. Just be excited for this.

4676d ago
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