Five Things The Xbox 360 Needs To Win This Gen

Guerrilla Play Writes: I have compiled a short list of needs the xbox 360 must implement in order to win this generation. By adding or removing these features Microsoft would close in on the Wii and pull away from the PS3.

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movements4132d ago

Guys guys, Xbox 360 ain't winning nothing this gen. Neither is PS3. Wii already won the whole darn thing!

Okay? Sigh.

dizzleK4132d ago

but at what cost?! *shakes fist imploringly*

another list where the writer wants the 360 to be a ps3, nothing new.

SOAD4132d ago

No cost. Major profit, actually.

And if people thing that Nintendo will continue the motion control trend, they got another thing coming. I'm actually more shocked that Sony and Microsoft jumped on the motion control bandwagon, and so late, too.

Nathan1234132d ago

Lol yeah... So he lists that 360 needs Blu-Ray, Wifi, Free online, First Party support and Natal to succeed.... So leaving out the last, he just wants it to be a PS3 lol.

IdleLeeSiuLung4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Yeah! In his eyes the PS3 already won, so go get a PS3!!!

Doesn't matter who wins though, because reality is Nintendo is the winner here. MS/Sony is second place at best and it looks like it will end in a tie for second place.

theXfactor4132d ago

besides the need for natal to succeed, the writer is describing a ps3.
blu ray
free online
built in wifi
great first party support
all the stuff the ps3 has and the 360 needs

ShinMaster4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

The author just described the PS3 xD
He basically wants the 360 to be what the PS3 already is(plus Natal) lol.

Another note. Unless you're a share holder, sales on 360 or any other console shouldn't matter.
It is the content that we as the consumers receive.

Conloles4132d ago

Who honestly cares I just want the next consoles already so PC won't be held back anymore.

FanboysWillHateMe4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

I have almost no respect for the console. The majority of its games are shitty shovelware, and the way they incorporate motion controls is so gimmicky and amateur to me. With a flick of my wrist I can swing at a tennis ball...whoopdeefuckingdo?

The Wii won just cause it was the cheapest of the 3 consoles. Price aside, there's so many things wrong with it. From friend codes (wtf?!) to crappy online play, I could go on. It might have won financially, but not on a critical level. People spend a lot more time on their 360/PS3, and with good reason.

siyrobbo4132d ago

all 3 consoles are profitable, thats all that matters. as long as one of them go the way of sega who cares

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ingiomar4132d ago

As much as i despise the Wii it is true.. the battle is already over... Wii won.. only the fanboys don't understand this.

-Alpha4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

Thank you, the Wii has won. It's going to be tough to catch up to them when they are still selling so well and profiting so much.

I assume with a list like this it's taking the perspective of the company. MS cannot win this gen for two reasons:

1) Wii is way ahead
2) They are stuck supporting and repairing consoles that keep dying for a continuous 3 years

I assume a winner is somebody who does the best and gains the most against their competition, and Wii simply has beaten both competitors.

And in order to maintain some sort of political correctness, "tha Gamerz always win!1!!" And it's true: Who cares who is first or second or third? Does it dictate what you enjoy?

Anyways, it's clear in order to win Nintendo must not have existed or done motion controls this gen. Because of that I have 5 things MS should have done to ensure a better future: I agree with everything the article says with one concern:

The funny thing is, if Blu Ray was included wouldn't they match Sony and then wouldn't they have lost? Big reason people bought 360 was price in comparison to PS3. Blu Ray would have driven up the costs and that would mean a loss of consumers to Sony based off brand appeal and reputation. I question if MS really had a choice: We know that their strategy was to be first and that way they would gain market share-- they now how a strong foot in this industry because of what they did. I question if Blu Ray would have been a smart choice for them. With MS having a strong significance in the industry now I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice. Just look at how strong of a console the original Xbox was. I think the bigger issue was the crappy hardware. They try to gain support but also lose it by having a product that makes consumers lose their trust.

Also, MS needed to appeal to Japan more somehow.

Biggest4132d ago

The Wii hasn't won. This console cycle is far from over. Unless we want to include the soon to be retired PS2. Which in that case, it won. But since it doesn't count because it's last gen I wonder if that makes the Wii not count because of its last gen hardware. But the hardware doesn't make the console cycle. And neither does anyone that feels it is over already. That being said. . . The only way the 360 will come out on top in sales is by having a 17 year life span and a $100 price tag.

N4g_null4132d ago

Technicly biggest the ps2 did not win for the same reason the 360 is not winning. Lots of people had to buy 2-4 and even six ps2s because the drives would die.

The only console that does not have this problem is the wii. Even ps3s are dieing a lot more than wii's.

Hey but the wii is two gc duck taped together so that means there are 72 million x2 gc out there now with the addition of 20 million gc last gen is almost 170 million gc sold lol.

It's fine if you don't like what is on a console. Problem is no one cares if your not the majority which is why the hds are going casual. If that doesn't work lots of people will be getting fired.

IdleLeeSiuLung4131d ago

I think the definition of who won must be limited to hardware released in a short time frame of each other i.e. the Xbox 360, Wii and PS3 was released within a year of each other. They are considered in the same cycle and hardware is irrelevant as that is more akin to a business decision/model.

PS2 was released way back in early 2000.... by the time it hit 2005 the PS2 already sold 100 million. Contrast that with Xbox 360 and PS3 and they didn't even achieve that combined while on the market 4-5 years.

It really is a moot point, Nintendo won and they had the best business model and arguably the best product considered from the masses. It certainly wasn't for me and most people on this site, but that doesn't change the fact that the masses valued certain features the Wii had over the competition in droves.

boysenberry4132d ago

*Sigh* when will you idiots understand the real war is between Sony and Microsoft.

playstation_clan4132d ago

gamers arent old people and loving caring mothers

halojunkie4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

They Need To Surrender. microsoft needs to man up and bow to the king. the only "FORM" of winning microsoft can achieve is by giving up peacefully, or sony will take them by force.

NinjaAssassin4132d ago

Uh huh, sure. Bold words from third place.

IRetrouk4132d ago

so you know for a fact that sony is third? its closer than you think buddy, if anything i think the ps3 is in front of 360 with actual sales, you know the true sales numbers not shipped and dont bother replying to me cause i aint arguing with no blind fan girl either, people with a brain know the truth. bloated numbers vs real numbers, oh and yes i own 360 and ps3. on topic the wii has it wrapped up so there.

NateNater4132d ago

Hahaha Naruto, plus bubbles for that hilarious gif! XD

roguewarrior4132d ago

in red shirt, he turns around confused, like WTF are we doing.

mac4u104132d ago

lol look at the guy behind them, bored as hell.

Narutone664130d ago

great pleasure to see Jack Klugman so b*tthurt over this gif that he has to message me and insult me.

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Lfmesquite4132d ago ShowReplies(1)
meepmoopmeep4132d ago

"Bing" news taught me that you can't just buy your way out :P

you're fat because you eat poorly

Mo0eY4132d ago Show
meepmoopmeep4132d ago

Xbox gives me a reason to buy McDonald's to make me more fat.

PLAYstar4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

The Wii won?! Ok.. If you believe that gimmicks is everything..
Xbox360 need? They can't be save already! They have angered the black beast! They're as much as DOOMED!

Dance4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

you win the internet old chap

4132d ago
redsquad4132d ago

How can Wii 'win' this gen when it's a last gen system?

ProjectVulcan4132d ago

360 realistically has a lower ceiling than PS3 and wii simply because it has failed in japan again. When there is a potential 10 million+ sales to be had in the lifespan of a good machine in japan and 360 wont be able to manage a fifth of that, then its impossible for it to really sell more than PS3 and wii by the end of its lifespan

Inside_out4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

M$ is about to once again...define the future of gaming...Sony is living in the past and being dragged into the future by M$ who hasn't had there head in the sand would no that...

The worlds biggest and best software maker is moving forward...E3 will lay out there plans for this year and next...BUT 2012 will be a whole new ball game...Sony knows and is desperate to sell as many PS3 as possible before the change...I'm sure M$ has already put all the necessary paper work through for the future Xbox...Sony knows all about it...Expect a lot of DLC...

The xbox will cater to everyone...You can expect the best of the best in PC gaming with huge subscription based MMO's to be front and center...Nintendo wants it now...Sony doesn't want it at all...M$ is going forward in 2012...M$ wants to be the center of the living's consoles just don't have that muscle...the next ones will..Gears and Halo will be launch titles come holiday 2012...Natal will be the patented version that M$ bought, not the watered down version launching this year...the market place will be ready for it...

CrawFail4131d ago

are you actually serious?

The 360 is basically a ps2 with a faster processor and (sometimes) a hard drive. Look at the PS3 compares to the 360... just look at the spec and then tell me Sony are 'living in the past'
Microsoft have fucked up on the 360 by making a cheap flash in the pan product with no longevity.
The PS3 will continue to sell looooooong into the next Xbox's life cycle.. and by that time we'll also have a PS4 in the fray.

Microsoft need to be very, very careful at this point as it's basically going to cost them a place in the industry if they cock up. They've become complacent and arrogant, just like Sega did, shovelling out stocking fillers to their customers, a la the Sega CD and 32X before the Saturn.
Microsoft NEED another console and they need to make it future proof. Fact.

kancerkid4131d ago


Wow, you really know your console tech. Thanks for showing how smart you are by getting everything you just said wrong.

You do know the GPU on the 360 is in fact better than the one on the PS3. don't you?

stuffwithstuff4132d ago

The PS3 has around a 10 year cycle, so obviously Microsoft will rush out their product to get a head start and Nintendo is already working on the Wii 2.

hakeem09964131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )



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madpuppy4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

My 8yr old neice keeps ranting on and on about this "Wii" then she showed me this little white box with blurry boring games on it and just assumed it was a leapfrog or chinese knock off gaming machine. Being curious, I checked if they were going to release red dead: redemption on it and there isn't a version for it, strange, I know! also I was checking future games and their will be no version of Crysis 2, Singularity, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,ect. I also noticed there aren't any version of games that have been out for a while on it? where is bioshock? or battlefield: bad company 2? there isn't even any valve games on it like Half Life 2 and that came out in 2007. weird?
where are all the good games?

Ult iMate4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

They won in terms of sales. Nintendo sold me a Wii and I'm sometimes glad I have it (especially when there's a new Mario game or Zelda or Metroid, but that happens very rare).
But what about games?
Does anyone around here play Wii more often than PS3 or X360?

kancerkid4131d ago

@ ult iMate

Who really cares about sales when your system has no games. Let me clarify, the Wii has some decent to very good games, but they are few and far between. What Nintendo did right was market the hell out of their system. They sold them to people, and these people allow their Wii's to collect dust. Every once in a while Nintendo markets the hell out of a game that every one buys, plays a few minutes and then put the Wii back in the closet.
Game wise, I would say 360 and Ps3 are practically in a dead heat and Wii is so far behind that gamers hardly talk about it.

eagle214132d ago Show
kratos174132d ago

1-too late
2-if only they had the sense to do this
3-this one isnt really needed so it wont happen
4-i do agree with this one
5-its MS what do you expect

DelbertGrady4132d ago

"its MS what do you expect"

I for one expected them to be behind Sony this gen. Not to be ahead of them 4 years into the console cycle.

ThatCanadianGuy4132d ago

Yeah, a year's head start in a market by yourself at half the price sure does help doesn't it?

SOAD4132d ago

Only better first party support is feasible. Microsoft doesn't need to support Blu-Ray for the 360. It's late in the gen, and Microsoft has pulled through for five years without it.

All they need is to build their first party studios and continue to support the 360 for as long as Sony supports the PS3.

evilmonkey5014132d ago

...but they wont build any more first party studios. Dont you remember a year ago when Microsoft basically TERMINATED OR SOLD all but 2 of their first party studios. They've stated numerous times that they are now almost solely dependent on 3rd party games.I think that was kinda like business suicide. Balmer is a total buffoon to boot.