What Went Wrong: Microsoft's E3 2007 Press Conference

Why subsist on cut and dry news updates? GamePro has their sarcasm gun cocked, locked and ready to unload on Microsoft's press conference announcements.

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Nicosia4104d ago

Well some stuff was right though, but ''. I probably wouldn't have given the game a second look, but now I'll be frantically refreshing the game's site for the next few weeks.'' for COD4...what where they sleeping under a rock ? And also PGR4...its was just annouced.

ASSASSYN 36o4104d ago

I don't care what gamepro says for any system...gamepro sucks.

Rattles4104d ago

and people still think thers was the best. WTF????

FeralPhoenix4104d ago (Edited 4104d ago )

I'm not exactly sure what they are saying went wrong, I think overall in general they are trying to say M$ kind of sorta "played it safe" at least thats how they summed it up in their last paragraph which said:

"Microsoft has presented a middle-of-the-road press conference that serves as a lithmus test for the other two console manufacturers. A few nice announcements and decent demos, but nothing Earth-shattering."

I think they have a point only because M$ focused almost entirely on their 2007 line-up. As I said before I think it was good and bad, I particularly don't like to hear mostly about games that are coming in the future, its good to see great looking games that are just around the corner but of course its always good to hear 1 or 2 big announcements for the future, but overall I thought it was a solid presentation but not "earth shattering" (Gamepro's words) either. I liked Sony's presentation a little more, mostly because they haven't shown much in my opinion prior to E3 but I didn't think there was anything "earth shattering" about their presentation either. I'm not really interested in the Wii so really I won't comment on their presentation. BTW, Gamepro did do a "What went wrong?" article on the Nintendo and Sony's presentation too.

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The story is too old to be commented.