Brand New Look At SOCOM 4 Incoming

There’s not much we know about SOCOM 4, we know the game will be compatible with Move but not much details have been divulged except a vague trailer a few months back.

Well things are about to get interesting.

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SpaceSquirrel4741d ago

Can't wait to see some new footage for SOCOM 4

-Alpha4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Neither can I, it's going to be my first Socom game and the series' premise sounds awesome. I hear a lot about the competitive nature and tactical teamwork of the game and that's what makes me so excited.

-Ikon-4741d ago

Well if Zipper stays to there promise and it's still for the hardcore gamers, then you my friend have no chance..

-Alpha4741d ago

I keep hearing how hardcore the game is which intimidates me but I'll get the hang of it and pwn people. I'm Alpha Male for a reason :P

Sunny_D4741d ago

Man, you should have been there when Socom 2 was released. The online was amazing. We used to call it Socrack. It was sooo amazing for it's time. It was the PS2's biggest online game.

-Alpha4740d ago

I never had a network adapter in time, nor did I know much about online gaming at the time.

plumber154740d ago

Is my first socom and I say IS because there is no other game that can match the competitive game men ship then socom dispite the flaws it's a great game . I only wish I got in to the socom series before confrontation . I have not found a game more addicting then socom .

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DirtyLary4741d ago

Good. Been waiting for some SOCOM 4 multiplayer info and footage.

RBdrift4741d ago

Are the socom 2 servers still up? because if they are i wouldn't mind dusting the old ps2 and playing a few games tonight.

mopground4741d ago

yes they are. a very tight community of 2000 people most playin on their ps3s cause they hate confrontation

mauleriscool4740d ago

As long as people are playing socom2 there will be people cheating.

sikbeta4740d ago

SOCOM4 will Join The Veteran SOCOM Players + The Newcomers, we'll have a Huge Community thanks to this Awesome Game...

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movements4741d ago

Me too, and I'm super happy there's an offline single player mode. Super happy!

callahan094741d ago

The destructibility and physics are really impressive, and I think the graphics, textures, and lighting are all better than the game gets credit for. I can't wait to see more.

Close_Second4741d ago

...looks great!

But I so don't like Move to control the game! Give me dual analog sticks any day.

Hideo_Kojima4741d ago

How about you wait and see Move for yourself before you judge it...

Isn't that what you messages me about?
Judging before I see?

zanzibarlegend4740d ago

he was wasting fools with the move controller. color me impressed.

movements4741d ago

Honesty, the franchise needs a boost!

kr90914741d ago

Can't wait to hear what zipper has planned for socom 4! I'm so excited!

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