Best Buy Will Have A Minimum of 12 Wii's This Sunday reports from a trusted source that the big box retailer Best Buy will have a minimum of 12 Nintendo Wii's in stock this Sunday.

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LeonSKennedy4Life4104d ago

The Best Buy here ALWAYS has a minimum of 12 Wii's.

Can some people still not find them?

I mean...Decatur, IL is actually a pretty big town. The Wii should be selling the same everywhere. They're pretty available here.

If anyone wants...they can send me $5,000 and I'll buy them a Wii and send it to them.

^^^I just want an HDTV really bad...and I'm tired of my Wii. Anyone want it?

Nostradavis4104d ago

Haha. Ok, now that is news. Maybe people should be traveling to IL instead of standing in lines at 5am.

Robotz Rule4104d ago

Rather spend money on upcoming PS3/360 games =)

But if you don't own any next-gen console and have little $$$ then I say go for it...I would.

Leon Kennedy4104d ago

LeonSKennedy4Life, this is kind of an oxymoron but, have you played Resident Evil 4 - ON THE WII? This is clearly one of the best games on the system - it's budget priced, and so is the system it's played on. I'm not gonna sell my Wii, especially after playing this game. Besides, isn't anyone interested in what could be the best-controlling console shooter to date?

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