First Look on Bioshock

Club Skill has an exclusive First Look of the highly-anticipated Bioshock for the Xbox 360 and PC.

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TheMART5401d ago

"So in conclusion, Bioshock looks to be a definite system seller, as it totally immerses you in its own world. We will have a full review of the game when it comes out in 2007. "

And it's only on 360 so guess which systems it doesn't sell ;)

It's getting more and more clear, because of the great developping system 360 has, more and more new exclusives and other games will get on this systems and not consoles that are too hard and expensive to develop for.

Just imagine. If you make risc choices. You have the choice to make a game on a system that works and is here, has sold 5 million already and will double that by the end of the year. Your return on investment is good, because developping cost stay low.

Or you must choose a system that is hard to program for, don't know what it'll bring in sales, neither the online component and has huge developping cost, so that if it sells you earn less.

Imagine what a company would do with their resources... Low risc, highest profits. Right there you go

TheMART5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

Well if you actually think that, try to discuss the fact's I'm giving here instead of yelling something without any facts

Bioshock is a fingerlicking good game and it isn't on PSZero. So what does that tell you? Same for other titles around or recent cancelled games for PSZero. It's just a fact. Actually you are a joke

achira5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

i even dont want to discuss with such ppl like you who have such poor intelligence. you suck all the way, poor lemming. but nevertheless bioshock will also come to the ps3.

xeon1215401d ago

The both of u are a joke, u both still live with mommy.
why should one console have supremecy? playstation have had total control the past few years and as a result have grown lazy the very first gen of ps was amazing ground breaking games like mgs, gta ect.
the second outing just became a spat of sequals and boring platformers,(rayman anyone) the xbox came and with it brought not only some fresh ip to the gaming world but some competion for sony.
long story short best scenerio for real gamers not just flamming [email protected] fanboys like u guys is for both consoles to do well, more competion equals more games meaning more choice for us the gamers not just some pvssy boy who lives with his parents and has the ms/sony logo as his desktop wallpaper peace.

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zypher5401d ago (Edited 5401d ago )

one of my most awaited games. if PS3 isn't getting it, then i'll just pick it up for my 360. no biggie

Krimson5401d ago

Very nice looking title. Almost Gears of War quality. Is this running on the Unreal Engine?

achira5401d ago

yes it uses the unreal engine

Captain Tuttle5401d ago

I am really looking forward to this game but none of this info. is new or exclusive.

mikeeno75401d ago

Here we go. Arguing again over consoles. TheMart- GET A LIFE!
You always start it...

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