Fanboys: Bad or good for the industry?

Fanboys(and fangirls). They infest our world with their spineless arguments and console-bashing. It's such a shame that these narrow-minded people have not seen the positive features of other consoles. They believe that their console is the best and all the others are worthless pieces of crap that break and have crappy games. They dream of the downfall of the consoles they don't own. But if those dreams came true, they would probably soon see the downfall of their own console. Of course, they don't realize or believe this, and still want the (insert "crap" consoles here) to fail. Who knows why they think that way? Perhaps I can look back into my days as a Nintendo fanboy and try to comprehend my beliefs.

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MoonDust4110d ago

They might push some of their friends into getting a system. That's the good part.
The bad side is that they will only buy one system and bash the other, some will actually as far as hating the other system even tho it's just a gaming machine which they haven't played.
And then there is the really bad part. People who go above and beyond. It;s like a religious battle.

THAMMER14110d ago

I say it is good for a company to know they have core group of consumers who will always be loyal. But it is bad when the fan boys get bad reputation. That reputation rubs off on the company.

Kleptic4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

I kind of agree with both of you...The loyal this generation are giving companies an overall appearance that is not necessarily always true...Sony fans are quick to point out that MS is a money grubbing "business" (imagine that) that sells poor quality hardware...and MS fans point out all of Sony's PR bloopers and how often they if the two sides makes the one side feel any better...both specialize in taking as much of your money as possible for as long as they can...period...they "care" about that you pay them...its funny when people argue about a companies execs...and their business plan...and how well an interview went...when in the end it really doesn't effect anything to the end consumer...

The line is somewhat thin this generation it seems, at least so far...while there are definitely the standard bit of ignorance in which a person will no matter what side with their "team"...and have truely never played the other consoles and seen what they have to offer...there is also a group of people that I never really noticed until this generation...

There are a whole lot of people owning more than one, and most of the time all, of the current crop of new consoles...that part is not uncommon...but the fact that they will still side with one console overall in a fanboyish way is where it gets wierd to me...some people own a 360 and a PS3, yet hate the PSN or can't stand how noisy their 360 is or w/e...and will bash a system to death, even though they own it...that is not as common on this site...but very common on a number of well known gaming sites (comment sections of Gamespot, various blogs, etc...)

While I agree that each system has it's strengths and weaknesses...and each system has and will have exlusive games that are great on does appear, at least on this site for the most part, that most gamers are growing up a little...I don't own a 360 for my own reasons...The PS3 is the system that has every single one of the games that I wanted to play in 2007 and 2008...while a lot of those games are available on the 360...most are not...but that does not make me hate the 360 at all...I loved gears of war...and am dying to get my hands on BioShock (left the PC scene a few years ago...and probably will never get back into it)...While the Wii on the other hand has never interested me in the slightest except for the first 15 minutes of WiiSports...I still don't hate it, I guess...

I guess my point is simply that we each have our own opinions on what games we want to play...a fanboy's first instinct is to attempt to persuade everyone that their opinions are the correct one...not ever admitting or even realising how it will not effect anyone in the one will base a decision off of some idiot that can't stop yelling that Halo 3 will pwn every fps ever made...or how only the cell can run the next wave of games...or how Wii Fit will actually be cool (had to at least throw one dig in...)...

The arguments on this site are completely pointless when pertaining to this...yet are still fun...I don't know why people get so offended by what other people say about the box they play video games out of...I couldn't care less what someone says about my purchase...I didn't buy it because it was the "cool thing to do"...I bought it because it has everything that i wanted to play for the next few years coming to it...

MannyHarlem1414110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

i beg to differ on the "buying only one system", because i am fortunate enough to have 360 and a ps3, i had an xbox too.. i am however, to be frank, a Sony fanboy.. i came to grips with this reality today.. i wanted to punch a scrawny, be-spectacled 15 year old boy who had just bought a 360 in the mouth (i'm 19) because he was spreading fallacious information about the ps3.. he was saying that they were glitchy and prone to malfunction.. i retorted if he had ever even seen a ps3 and he said "no" rather somberly.. the thought of physically harming this boy was very much in my head and thats what makes me a "fanboy".. you could say i'm a part-time fanboy or a weekend fanboy, but that ugly side is always brought outta me when i encouter some ignorant uneducated zombie fanboy who roots for the other guys.. for some reason, i can't help but to defend a multinational, many billion dollar a year corporation! i wish i didn't have to but i just do lolz

think me stupid or ridiculous (because i'll agree).. because in the end Sony, or microsoft for that matter, doesn't do a thing for me!

I really hate the Wii, though

computer4110d ago

Rofl +bubble for a laugh..
I think I played with you in the warhawk beta btw.. the name sounds familiar...

tomfoolery4110d ago

It's all so silly in the long run.Pick a system or get all the consoles,
get loaded(optional)and play the damn game.

Wolfgang1874110d ago

I don't think fanboys are good for anything, except pooling their sense of self worth into how well "their" console is selling.

The Real Joker4109d ago

+bubble for avatar and name.

s8anicslayer4110d ago

its a bitter rivalry man! great for the industry!

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