Worldwide PS3 Releases For The Week of July 23rd

Not a lot happening this week. Nor, really, for the next couple of weeks. You could call this period of time "The calm before the Storm." The "Storm", in this case, being Lair. Here are this week's PlayStation 3 offerings.

US Games
Nascar 08

EU Games
No new releases

Asian Games
Minna no Golf 5
Wangan Midnight
Major League Baseball 2K7

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Phantom_Lee4522d ago

recently, I heard nothing but goods for hot shots golf...maybe I should give it a try

crck4522d ago

I played it and it was fun. I'm thinking about picking it up when it releases in the US. Too much japanese text for me to import. =)

Lord Anubis4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

is there a place from where Japanese games could be imported?


thanks lad. Bubbles4u

if anyone else is interested this is the link:

Sevir044522d ago

you can find it all there for all your imports and they are pretty good to. 2 day and 3 day shipping will cost you 9-10 bucks if you cant wait i'll be using that site when other big name games comes out in japan first. i just recently got hotshots golf 5 yesterday in japan. it totally rocks

Art of Motion4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Ps3 - Bad ports, boring games, limited online service. I will pass.

Lord Anubis4522d ago (Edited 4522d ago )

Reported as SPAM

also its obvious you are the one disagreeing with everyone on this news at the moment. Going around disagreeing with everyone is really mature.

You shall be dealt with accordingly.

lol, you edited your post but that doesn't matter you are still spamming.

Codeman4204522d ago

Xbox 360
nascar 08


theres a real exciting list there buddy.

cityofgod4522d ago

again with the stupid, useless baseless comments. if you have nothing good or intelligent to say just keep your foolish mouth shut.

XboxIsBad4521d ago

You will not get anywhere when posting these ridiculous comments. You can either go away and stay away or you can eat donuts. Your choice.

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hazeblaze4522d ago

Yea, I'm importing Wangan Midnight, that game looks pretty awesome. I'm going to try to find some of the anime too.

Itachi4522d ago

hots shots golf really fun game for a boring sport

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The story is too old to be commented.