Supposed Inspiration for Killzone's Helghast

This movie "The Red Spectacles" supposedly was the inspiration for KIllzone's "Helghast".

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geachy4762d ago

I am sorry if the story is not up to standards but this is my first story and I found it while on the web

ShiftyLookingCow4762d ago

hmm there is a surprising resemblance to Helghast, any source? or you found it on your own?

MikeMichaels4761d ago

I've always thought the Helgast were inspired by "Jin Roh".

Fire that into google images and see what you get. Told ya!

Douche4761d ago

Jin-Roh came well after The Red Spectacles...actually read the story...KZ2's inspiration came from WW2 overall when it comes to the helghast gas masks and attire...The only thing you can pin GG on with Killzone's influences is the Helghast's look, everything else is "pretty" original like the storyline and the other factions

geachy4762d ago

it just says under influences

[edit] Influences
Killzone a video game series by Guerrilla Games (Netherlands), 2004~2006.

geachy4762d ago

one more and its on main page yay

timmyp534762d ago

what is that movie japanese?

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The story is too old to be commented.