Ubisoft Announces Games Convention Lineup

Ubisoft has announced the most important part for their Games Convention line-up: The list of games shown behind closed doors.

Ubisoft's "closed doors" line-up will include:

Splinter Cell Double Agent
Rainbow Six Vegas
Brothers in Arms Hells Highway
Rayman Raving Rabbids
Assassins Creed
Red Steel
Settlers DS

The number of Ubisoft games shown publicly will probably be a bit larger.

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TheMART5400d ago

I guess this is 360 and PC format also, you only trew the weak PSZero in there again

mikeeno75400d ago

TheMART- you make no sense. This is what i'm talking about, you start posts with a dig towards the PS 'Zero' as you call it, knowing that you will create another full-blown fanboy war. You are pathetic. If you can't enjoy all 3 systems for their strengths when they're released, then just enjoy your 360! And just talk about THE PISSING GAMES WHEN YOU COME HERE, INSTEAD OF CRAP SHOVELLING!

omansteveo5400d ago

I really wanna play rainbow 6 and splinter cell

zypher5400d ago

what i'm really waiting for is Assassins Creed. i most definately want Double Agent for the 360 though. sux that it got pushed late Oct. was it? never really got into Rainbow this day i couldn't tell you why. i does look good though. guess i'll just read more into it as the game develops.

PS3sux360inchWiiWii5400d ago

if this will be another showing of Assasins Creed on a 360?

THE TRUTH5399d ago

Do we ALWAYS HAVE TO GO THERE?! When ubisoft says it's coming to 360 than you can say what you will.... I could careless either way I just hate when people speculate on rumors, just enjoy gaming people this PS3 vs. 360 is taking a lot of the fun out of this

Marty83705398d ago

#4 - Assassins has never been shown on X360 you idiot,it AC was shown on a PS3 Dev kit.