Stop playing Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer!

Stop playing Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer!! I’m not saying we have to. But Infinity Ward and Activision sure seem to.

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Nitrowolf24859d ago

the title a bit missleading, the writer complaining about the bugs a connection issue

How ever it does bug me to see that half my PSN list people are playing it, don't people ever get bored of it?

failsoles4859d ago

Activision pls release more DLCs.

Nitrowolf24859d ago

um yeah tehy just released a new one
for 15 bucks again
Yeah Acti lower the price please to 7.99 a more reasonable price for consumer cause for 3 new maps and 2 old ones yeah thats a great price
Dude you buy both these map pack you pay for half the game already, they need to add more stuff then that, if it included new spec ops mission and trophy/achievment support for those mission then it might be worth teh 15 bucks

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4859d ago

all the old maps from cod 4 could have been integrated over and that should have been free. the maps were already there, I cant tell a difference between the old and recycled.

this article should have called for people to stop the ignorant throwing away of money to make the developers impress us rather than rape us.

I mean seriously, look at the last few weeks releases and see how much DLC is now out for both consoles. How in the hell does a company release dlc before the game even ships and actually charge for it. ANSWER: Because there are always dumbasses who will fall for it and buy it.

"You can fool some people sometimes but you can't fool all the people all the time."

Until people stop supporting this crap, they will keep milking it. Wait until they start making us pay extra to unlock the online play as an exclusive feature. Its coming folks, and its already starting on the consoles with the used game policy that some companies are putting out. STOP IT BEFORE IT STARTS, Don't support those companies. RENT<RENT<RENT

failsoles4858d ago

Console gamers like to pay for stuff that should be free. I dont see what the problem is.

ElementX4859d ago

If half your friends are playing it, you need new friends.

Zydake4859d ago

All my friends at school play this trash :(

God_Of_Epicness4858d ago

OMG! Same here. Everyone on my friends list play this crap. This game wasted 370 hours of time in my life. Now, i have stopped and noticed that it is mediocre. UNCHARTED 2 is way better. Multiplayer is so good.

Red-Dead-Roar4858d ago

it took you 370 hours to figure that one out..? lol.

MGRogue20174859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

That won't be happening too soon.. I don't think. CoD Addiction is a very strong disease & there is no cure.. apart from maybe Bad Company 2 but even after taking a dose of that.. They still go back to Modern Warfare 2.

I should know.. I am also a victim of it. :(

BattleAxe4859d ago

I played BC2 for a solid month and earned all of the trophies, but now I'm so bored of that game, mmainly because the maps are boring now, and its turned into a sniping game with sniper dropping artilery strikes everywhere.

So now I'm back to playing MW2, Uncharted 2 and Zombies on CoD: WaW.

HSx94859d ago

HDMI now comes with the PS3.

Shendow4858d ago

..................@_@......... ..................

WhatARump4859d ago

No one is forcing any of you to play the game and despite what you say, people still enjoy it!

Really, it's so immature to tell someone what they should like and what they shouldn't.

Theonik4859d ago

Only 1 person on my list plays it so i'm happy.

God_Of_Epicness4858d ago

That is because you only have 1 friend and that guy is your big brother.

God_Of_Epicness4858d ago

That's because you only have 1 friend and that guy is your big brother.

Theonik4858d ago

Nah got 60 people on my friend list only 1 plays it and tbh i feel worried cause his brother that has it on 360 took 600 until i managed to get him off it. lol
He was one of those lightweight + commando + marathon n00bs mind you.

Keltik824859d ago

I'm always wondering the same thing! I'm not bashing it but wtf is everyone playing it soo damn much for?! I can think of other least buggy just as fun online games to play right now. Not to mention Activision is just laughing it up in their office at everyone paying $15 for some maps, absol-f**kn-lootly not. Failosles please tell me your throwing a lot of sarcasm our way cause that was just stupid.

Raz4858d ago

The author's all bent out of shape about the lack of server maintenance. Why wonder about it, though? Infinity Ward's jumped the shark. They barely have enough people to put out their next game, never mind paying any attention to existing ones.

Syronicus4858d ago

Not if half your friends are playing it and you consider yourself loyal to them. I play it all the time and not just for the game sake but to play something with my friends that we all enjoy. It's not the game that is most important, it is the interactivity with your friends.

AliTheBrit194858d ago

Same here haha, theres never really a time when someone on my list isn't playing MW2 online

or lately, its Red Dead Redemption.

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Speed-Racer4859d ago

I gotta admin the connection issues on Steam have been rather annoying, but it really hasnt been enough to stop me... hopefully COD7 sees dedicated servers

Legosz4859d ago

I play this game on my 360 all the time, no connection issues?

DirtyLary4859d ago (Edited 4859d ago )

On 360 I got dumped from about 5 games last night. Something is up. Everyone at the sametime gets a connection error.

Theonik4859d ago

Black ops is confirmed to have dedicated servers for PC but seeing as it is made by Treyarch and that they made W@W which had a rather bad Mp i am not that excited for it.