9.4 Describes Final Fantasy XII As Next Generation !

While it lacks the sort of high-def shininess found in the latest Xbox 360 offerings, the sheer impact the visuals hold is equal to or better than anything we've yet seen from the next generation.

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achira5400d ago

wow this game is insane !!!

Bhai5400d ago

Yeah !, and its a PS2 title at that. No doubt PS2 is still having the best what the industry has to offer.

BadTaste5400d ago

I don't see anything impressive about this game. I mean c'mon the visuals aren't that great.

Captain Tuttle5400d ago

I guess it looks good for an "last gen" game but it's still way behind the curve. It certainly dosen't look as good as Halo 2 or Fable.

achira5400d ago

is this a joke ? fable ? lol. fable has crappy graphics in comparison with ff12. the effects are the best i have ever seen , even the characters are better than the most games!!!

BadTaste5400d ago

I reckon you could compare this game to fable, look closer to the pics achira. These pics look crap compared to probably any other next gen game available right now.

Bhai5400d ago

This IS a PS2 game. The reviewer has mentioned that the "the sheer impact the visuals hold" is what makes it stands up. PLZ read the full review. What RPGs make at most of a town is around 20 houses at max and a few NPCs for the amount of their animations and dialogues PLUS day and night routines makes it difficult to accomplish at a bigger number...but FF12 has surpassed everything as this game doesnot contain a little town but whole cities of individual characters wandering about with their own AI and animations, and that's just the tip ofthe ice berg, the gameplay, music, game-length and all makes this game a 9.4/10 worth by Kikizo, also their mentioning of it as equal or above next-gen what 360 has shown uptil yet. Remind you this is a PS2 title and not even a PS3 one and already you get an awesome package if you get it !!!

TheMART5400d ago

The game looks allright I must say, but my PS2 is still suffering of a died sh*tty quality DVD drive, so won't pick it up.

Hey that's funny there's also a giant enemy crab in this game ;)

Bhai5400d ago

yeah, broken by luck I may say !

Karibu5400d ago

That's why you should pick up PS3 at launch ;)

AuburnTiger5400d ago

Mart I had the same Disc read error after about 4 years of the console running fine. Instead of sending it to Sony's repair center I fixed it myself. This link should help you do the same. PS you have nothing to lose.

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The story is too old to be commented.