PS3 Fanboy interviews UDON about Super Street Fighter II HD Remix

If you've caught yourself staring, mouth agape, at UDON's gorgeous re-imaginings of classic Street Fighter II characters, being prepared for the XBLA and PSN release of Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

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chasegamez5680d ago

will i get 2 fight people online

Wolfgang1875680d ago

It would be totally insane of them to not make this online. I haven't seen these new character renderings before and now I can't wait to play this. My yoga flame shall incinerate all of you in glorious HD!

xTCx Death5680d ago

im pretty sure its online. the SF:II Hyper Fighting on XBLA had online MP so i would assume yes

The Karate Kid5680d ago

Neo Geo Needs To Do This With Samurai Shodown

Capcom needs to re-release Final Fight on PSN or XBLA with online play

Whatever happened to that SNK Sony Online Deal?

sumfood4u5679d ago

I look forward to this coming out on the PS3. Hadoken!