This Week's North American Releases

Not a whole lot as the summer blues continue. Nascar 08, Shin Megami Tensei 3, and Guitar Hero expansion pack are probably the biggest releases.

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Phantom_Lee4928d ago

cant wait for Psersona 3!!

Rhezin4928d ago

July is the frikin dryest month there is, there is nobody doin nuthin THIS is the month they should release games, because it's still summer. Pisses me off they release all these games during the holiday because thats the time where everyone is busting their a$$ with exams, school, prison, and the holiday rush to get everyone presents.

Bloodshedder4928d ago

i like that photo u with that news i got that casset its Nitro and that guitar player can realy Shred

okcomputer4928d ago

This sucks so bad. All the great games comming out in the fall/winter, but no good games being released now. Lair and mass effect can't get here soon enough lol.

cooke154928d ago

Metroid Prime 3 in august :)

Jamaicangmr4928d ago (Edited 4928d ago )

I know what you mean man my aunt was supposed to come visit next months end and i wanted her to take me Lair. Now their August trip is cancelled because of a funeral next week. I've been all over the place tryin to find something interesting this month for her to take. DAMN YOU DEATH!!! You could'nt have given the lil old lady a month more? JUST 30 DAMN DAYS MAN!!!

felidae4928d ago

yes. i want Lair und Uncharted .. now!!

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