E3 07 - Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed: Hands On Preview

Ubisoft's Project Manager of Animation, Elspeth Tory, gives the controls to one of this years most anticipated next gen titles - Assassin's Creed.


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The article has been updated and now includes the audio from the demonstration and a video showing an alternate path that can be taken to the mark.

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Kratosnake5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

I dunno,
Lots of bugs to workout. I was initially very excited about AC, and I hope ubisoft delivers an awesome game

Nostradavis5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Yes, please understand (if it was not made clear in the article) that the game we played is not the final, and bugs are still being worked out. The mark we chased is programmed to wait at a certain point for you to exit the building and begin chasing him. The problem is that if you exit the building slowly and then run towards him really fast he doesn't have enough time to adjust thereby you end up jumping off the building a split second after him and tapping X once will kill him before the chase even begins.

Rhezin5420d ago

not really, just the floating body in the demo, which they already fixed along with the other framerate issues, and still time to polish till november. Looks like the 360 is the lead platform now, I haven't seen too much on the ps3 version. Same with COD 4.

Daxx5420d ago

Yeah all those bugs that you saw in the E3 demo have already been fixed. Always remember that a E3 demo and a final build are not the same thing.

For most games their E3 demos are basically a "spawn" off of the build that was being worked on months ago.

okcomputer5420d ago

People are making way too big a deal about those bugs at the e3 presentation. I'm sure they'll fix most of them by release. And yea, right now this game doesn't look like it'll be the aaa title some thought it would be, but it should be a pretty good game none the less.

felidae5420d ago

i'm really looking forward to this game.

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