Art brings joy -- but a joystick?

More hate for video games from Roger Ebert. Why? Click on to read about it.

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MK_Red5680d ago

I hate this guy. Jack Thompson is a idiot and doesnt even think about but this is the man (A famous and respected movie critic)who's stopping the games from being considered true art.
He must be blind for not seeing art in Okami, MGS and Final Fantasy.

ElementX5680d ago

This isn't news, it's an opinion of a MOVIE critic. I don't see why 3 people approve this crap

Tsukasah5680d ago

Video games are no different from movies, only more interactive... this fr00b needs to get a clue

7ero H3LL5680d ago

His job is at stake(this guy is a movie Critic NOT a game Critic)Games like MGS and FF are games that attract a ceratin amount of people.Although most games engenders hate and violence.Ebert is not in to blood and gore.FF has no blood but it still has violence.and MGS implements politicks.

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The story is too old to be commented.