E3: Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars Video Interview with Lead Designer Tim Willits at id Software

Gametactics sits down right by the beautiful Santa Monica beach with Tim Willits of id Software to chat about Enemy Territory QUAKE Wars for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360

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Kleptic5424d ago (Edited 5424d ago )

that was the first gameplay video I have seen that even made it mildly interesting...the first couple videos it looked like counterstrike in nearly every way...that was awesome 10 years ago...but...

I don't know though, visually it still has nothing going on imo...the D3 engine has to have a lot of untapped power in order to get this game to visually compete with Crysis and is already over 3 years old...and to me the gameplay doesn't show anything going on that would make me buy this over the other shooters this fall...

I may be wrong...maybe this will end up being great...but it is facing competetion that is unbelievably high...on every platform...PC it has to go up against Crysis and UT3...PS3 has UT3 and Warhawk (if you would consider that a kind of isn't the say haze then if that is a bad comparison)...and 360 has Bioshock (PC too) and Halo 3...all of those games are this fall...and this Quake wars thing just looks bland compared to every other game I just mentioned...