Top 10 "Best" Sonic the Hedgehog Songs

The Sonic the Hedgehog series has had increasingly cheesy music. Kyle of Insert-Disc makes a list of the 10 "best" songs the series has to offer.

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Shadow Flare3424d ago

I was wondering where all the classic tunes were in the list but then realised it was a list just for the songs in sonic. Most of which were cheesy as hell and i wasn't a fan of the change from good tunes to cheesy songs. But if they're doing a top 10 list, i think this one deserves a mention.

Sonic Adventure 2 Music - Dive Into The Mellow (Aquatic Mine)

Out of most of the music, this one was actually alright i thought. Still can't top the classics though

Sonic 3 Music: Azure Lake

Sonic 2 Music: Mystic Cave Zone (2-player)

Sonic 3 Music: Hydrocity Zone Act 2

From what i've seen from Sonic 4, unfortunately they've once again fell short of the classics standard, from a music perspective at least

RedPawn3424d ago

Spring Yard Zone
Stardust Speedway Zone (NA) Past
Ice Cap Zone
Emerald Hill Zone
Quartz Quandrant Zone (NA) Past
Special Stage Sonic CD (NA & JP)
White Jungle Zone
Power Plant Zone
Frog Forest Zone
Jeh Jeh Rocket Zone

gumgum993422d ago

I never had a problem with the 3D songs(well, except maybe the secret rings theme), in fact, I see them at equal level as the classics in their own way.