Week recap: PS3 sales; Xbox 360 plunge; Wii 3M

Enterbrain this week said that Sony Corp.'s Playstation 3 has reached 1 million in sales in Japan. The console debuted in the territory on Nov. 11.

In the latest weekly sales in Japan, the PS3 sold more than 13,000 units, an above average tally for the console.

The 60GB PS3 SKU is a top-seller this week at The product is listed in the top five best-selling products and the top five most searched products at the online retailer.

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sandip7875420d ago

man this game is gonna be sick! hmmm wonder what the sequel will be like

Jamaicangmr5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Double post sorry

sandip7875420d ago

omg ive got 3 bubbles!
i havnt even commented and i loose a bubble?

achira5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

come on you know here on this site are a lot of basturds. you dont need to say something to loose bubbles.

edit: sidar how can i troll on a ps3 section as a ps3 fan ? come on your definition of troll suits not to me. look at all the xbots who come here to bash the ps3, even without having one. and you are telling me that i am trolling, thats a joke. if i am trolling, then what do ppl like themart powerofgreen and co ? lol, think about it.

ChickeyCantor5420d ago

Achira you lost bubbles because you don't say nothing but trolling stuff.
Maybe its you and not this website?

yeah well if people don't agree they take away your bubble because they don't know how to discuss it in a normal way.

Jamaicangmr5420d ago

@ sider

Yet you come here callin someone a troll and tellin someone else they don't know discuss in a normal way. Yet you've had no bubbles taken away?

I smell a conspiracy.

Anyway this is a really nice read specially for someone who hasn't been able to keep up to day with the news. Some of the news on here i didnt even know about. Good read all together.

texism5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

i know how it feels man. Just tell yourself it's only a website and you'll be all right.

Edit: Woah. Didn't see your first post. Yeah it's probably because it was OT.

Azurite5420d ago

sandip787, you probably lost bubbles since your post was ... off topic.


Ya dun know mi 'ave unoo back Jamaica


All dese cats do, is read news that pertains to Ps3 and have nothing but negativity to spread. I'm tired of it. And you know what you can take my bubbles if you want.

I have my PS3 and I will be straight with all the exclusives they got coming out, I won't be able to stay on here all the time Anyway.

Grow up People, and stay on your side if you don't have anything positive to say.

I see posts under PS3 side all the time with news pertaining to the 360 and I keep it moving....WHY


because I'm happy with my purchase. And If the 360 has anything that I FEEL that I wanto play, then I will get one.


ElementX5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Achira, please learn proper English grammar and spelling.

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hotshot12375420d ago

YES I CAN. ans its been a almost 2 years. how sad

Spunkmeyer435420d ago

Have you only just realised the 360 isn't selling well in Japan??? its never sold well over there and you know that so why every time its mentioned do people feel the need to jump on, oh unless you are Japanese??? Oh no thought not!

The 360 is a great console as is the PS3, the PS3 has had a crap start and is good its picking up momentum, but the 360 is still out in front. Its the next 12 months that will decide, and personally i think its gonna be close. Why not stop the pre-pubescent messages and concentrate on the articles, this site is like a play ground for people who are mentally challenged.

I own a 360 and don't want a PS3 but not gonna bag on it, is it just me or aren't you bored of fanboys tea baggin each other?

AngryTypingGuy5420d ago

It is pretty sad that the Japanese are that loyal to a brand. They don't know what they're missing.

DirtyRat5419d ago

Have a bubble Spunkmeyer43 its about time some people spoke sense in these fanboy entrenched news items.

cityofgod5420d ago

I looked at the recent hardware sales on, and 360 doesnt even appear. But man nintendo must be eating like roman emperors, props to them. Sony is finally having their sales pick up, and in good time if they want squareenix to stay loyal to them

Vojkan5420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

BUBBLES is biggest BS i have ever seen.There are a couple of guys like SIDAR that can not loose one single bubble no matter what.
This site is like bad blow job.

EDIT:btw JAMAICANGMR i gave you positive feedback, at least you are not afraid to say the way this crap is.

Jamaicangmr5420d ago

Thanks man i try to be fair on here. Yet sometimes myself loose bubbles for just agreeing with someone or just commenting on an article. I think we should have more rules and restrictions to this bubbles thing or just drop it all together.

Hell i used to have alot more bubbles now am down to 3. Aleast they should be required to give reason for takin bubbles. That way they'll think twice about this bubble bias.

Hell now i don't even have bubbles left. Sad really...

tk5419d ago

I have lost bubbles - and that for good comments without offending anyone. If you write a good comment you don't need 5 bubbles anyway. One is good enough.

But I agree - the bubbles thing has become a fanboy wartool to attack others. Lots of Xbots trying to kill bubbles for anyone that is not part of the "clan". Stupid really - but hey - a good comment needs only one bubble. And if you edit your comment - well - then the bubbles is really a moot point. Only to be bothered by viral marketers, trolls, kiddies with nothing else to do etc.

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