Amp'd Mobile to shut down July 24 at 12:01am?

Seems as if Amp'd sent out a text message to all customers stating that service may end come 12:01am July 24th, 2007. For those who use the service their FAQ is stating you can file for a claim to get a refund on all un-used minutes.


UPDATED: Follow this link for info on how the shutdown will affect you and any questions you might have.

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TriggerHappy5424d ago

Hope not, this is what i use now, will this mean we get refund ?

Premonition5424d ago

Thats why I trust people like cingular or name brand known phones.

Lowtax5424d ago

is amp'd...Is that anything like boost? :l I've heard of it before brb googling.... I guess....they will be missed?