The Making of Lair - New Gameplay Footage, Controls Detailed

You've heard it, have seen pictures of it, have seen the game in motion as well but have you seen how it was all done ? Still skeptical about how the controls will feel ? hit jump to see how this stunning PS3 exclusive game was put together by Factor 5 in an interview with the developers.

Hit jump to video.

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felidae4105d ago

that looks like it could be an amazing game. can't wait to play it.

timmyp534105d ago

game looks great.. they put so much effort into this game.. august couldnt come faster

masterg4104d ago

Lair has never been a must buy title for me. But I must admit its looks more and more interesting.
If it gets good reviews I might just pick it up.

THC CELL4104d ago

i think it will be a great game to play

Xwow4104d ago

just wow the grafix is crazy and the gameplay with the sixaxis is awosme:)

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The story is too old to be commented.