Ask Tim: Quad vs Dual Cores for Gaming

There was quite a debate about the benefits of Quad vs Dual cores for gaming at VE, so Voodoo Extreme decided to ask Epic Games Main Man and Lead Programmer Tim Sweeney for his take on the situation.

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Wolfgang1874158d ago

intel recently slashed the price of a 2.4 ghz quad core to around $300 bucks!

ShiftyLookingCow4157d ago

I was initially going to upgrade my system after this price drop, but decided to get a PS3 and wait for Crysis. I was a little disheartened by the fact that Quads are literally hot hot hot(read forums) and not very good overclockers, might change with 45nm

neogeo4158d ago

If I build a 8 core computer it may not be ready for games but at least it wont get out dated in 3 weeks!

deadeyes994158d ago

all multiple cores do is cost more make more heat and they dont even have higher clock speeds unless u got a mad watercooling system which u'd have to be a loser to own anyways so yeah no thx il stick to higher clock speeds for games not multiple cores for nerdy muli taskage.

sloth4urluv4158d ago

hmm I can have a really fast single core that runs all my applications on my computer at once, or I can spread that load out onto multiple cores.

Ever play a game and in the middle of it your antivirus program starts doing its sccan and your fps is a quarter of what it was?
With multiple cores you can reserve your game on a seperate core so no other applications in the background slow you down. Thats why even though the clock speed is less the game still runs better.

neogeo4158d ago

Runs 40% cooler and uses 40% less power then single core.

you got it backwards bud.

Marriot VP4158d ago

interesting, perhaps because it disapates the work over multiple cores at lower payloads. Which means lower power because the frequencies and bottlenecking isn't as high.


Why don't discuss the Cell-like structure (one core with multiple side units)? I'm not assuming that is better, worse nor nothing, but I thin somebody would analyze this structure too.

Would be interesting to see what some specialists have to say about all the processors structures. What they have to offer, how could they evolve, what could be the "future processor"... You get it.

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