Wii gets Rifle Gun accessory

From DealExtreme, it's a Wii Rifle Gun Prop. The rifle includes comfortable single banded trigger grip or combines with dual handed barrel grip, lock & load, ergonomically balanced and weighted Blaster control system, complete-range motion detection for Wii Remote, maintains natural Wii innovation motion, and is made with hard plastics of high quality.

Its dimensions are 18.11 in. x 5.51 in. x 1.57 in. and it weighs 11.01 oz. The retail price is $16.58.

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Bilzac5425d ago

peoplo are dumpingo outo wiio accessorio theso days

paracardium5424d ago

Wow people are sure gonna have a pile a junk with all these accessories.Wii starting to be like the 360 with all this stuff.

sumfood4u5424d ago

on the Nes the stuck with Duck Hunt's Zapper gun! they are bringing out different guns every week, next week might see Wii ozzie or Bazooka!

mrk015424d ago

An exclusive wii game where you play as Myamoto or Reggie, where have to hunt down and kill the last of the Wii Hardcore on an uncharted city block.

-oh yah, there's no online gameplay

Honeal2g5424d ago

nintendo has gone to the dogs

MyNutsYourChin5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

When the NES came out, it showed the world that gaming wasn't limited to the computer literate among other things like improved graphics, gameplay, and market appeal. In effect, it expanded the gaming demographic to include more and different gamers.

Additionally, peripherals ran rampant with the NES. It had a light gun, robot, power pad, power glove, arcade stick, multiple gamepad attachments, and other third party attempts as well. Nintendo has always tried to make gameplay more interactive and immersive. Unfortunately, failures were bound to happen, like the robot.

The Wii is in the process of repeating the NES's success by following a similar market strategy (increasing the gaming demographic once again) and releasing a few peripherals that will appeal to selections of that new demographic.

My point is, if you view Nintendo as being "gone to the dogs" then you should have always viewed them that way because their concept of what gaming should be, has not changed since the 1980's. Personally, I think they know what they're doing and they do it better than any other gaming company.

INehalemEXI5424d ago

A fps where you had to bring out the wii riffle to use big guns rifles/shot guns etc, and for 45s, 9s etc you use the zapper. Or not...

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The story is too old to be commented.