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The Worst PS3 Exclusives That All Gamers Should Avoid Going Near

Brandon T writes: "The Playstation 3 is packed with some of the best games that have ever been released and it looks like the library and variety is only getting better. However not every title that hit the PS3 exclusively (North American consoles) smelled like roses. A few games come out here and there that blemished the reputation of the powerful Sony machine."

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SOCOM became good after the patches (although it was terrible at launch) and lair was never really bad people just didn't like the controls but that was patched too
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Community5161d ago
vgn245161d ago

I agree on Haze, but Lair? I thought it was ok. I just think the reviewers were nit picking.

knight6265161d ago

i never played lair and i know haze was not so good but socom? only because the online wasnt working doesnt mean it was a bad game...i love playing socom

ShinMaster5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

I never knew about the last 2 games.
[edit] Ok so Vampire Rain was also on the 360 but without the subtitle.

Also WKC as an honorable mention? WTF?!

Chubear5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Haze was disappointing for a game coming from Free Radical but it was not at all a bad FPS. In fact it was good just not to the level we expected from Free Radical.

FPSs are you bread 'n butter genre, go play it. You'll scratch your head wondering what the hell people were calling it "teh worst FPS EVA!!!" cause there's another very popular shooter that has the exact same type of pacing and map route layout but is hailed to high heaven while Haze is considered bad... uhm, interesting to me on that one.

Lair, is also brilliant but came out before it's time when motion sensing was new and the media were full guns blazing on the PS3 exclusive 1st gen titles.

Go play it now and you'll wonder what the fuss about controls were.

I won't even touch on SOCOM. How that game can be considered bad is stupid. There are many games that had a rough month during their launch for online play like CoD4 & gears2 but none were slammed like SOCOM. There's a reason it's the most played game on PSN.

Don't let these media types dupe you. Go play games, see for yourself and enjoy.

Biggest5161d ago

SOCOM, Lair, and WKC should not be anywhere near that list. SOCOM and Lair had rough beginnings, but unless this list is secretly titled "Worst PS3 games if time stopped in 2007" they are not the worst of anything.

Anon19745161d ago

Haze wasn't a bad game. Haze's only crime was being an average game which had been overly hyped.

Socom had a rough launch but after a few patches I understand turned out to be a helluva game.

Same with Lair. Even as it stands there were plenty of reviewers that were wow'd by this game despite problems with the controls. Once the controls were patched I heard it ended up pretty decent.

HolyOrangeCows5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

"Haze was disappointing for a game coming from Free Radical but it was not at all a bad FPS"
The AI was awful, it was ugly, the dialect was ear-bleedingly painful, it was short, yada, yada, yada.
It's bad.

SOCOM and Lair were decent enough some time after launch with some patches. Still not as good as they should have been.

jadenkorri5161d ago

Socom, an online game still being played today, yes had a bad start, but what game out there hasn't cough... cough... MW2... Cough....ackem, sorry something in my throat.... Still play online FYI

Lair, ok i give that alot of people hated it, but i think it was too soon of a jump from analog to motion controls. It was IMO an awesome game that will stay in my collection for sure. It was hard to get used too but was definitely an enjoyable different game.... Will play again, maybe, one day when theirs a dry spell of ps3 games.

Haze, ok you article wins on that front, but it was just hyped as a 360 killer that failed on all fronts. An sub ok FPS. Played/finished/sold...yes not staying in my fantastic collection.

Vampire rain - never heard, played, or seen in store shelves, No opinion.

Last Rebellion - same as last

Honorable mentions:
africa...dunno what it is

White knight Chronicles - Ok, excuse me but what planet did you play WKC from, cause i played it and can think of many other rpgs that were far worst...werent exclusives, but still in comparison, WKC is way better.

creatchee5161d ago

SOCOM:Confrontation had an insanely bad launch and took 6-8 months to finally be reasonably playable. That being said, the grenade physics are STILL garbage, the windows STILL can't be shot out of properly, there is not the sense of community that previous installments had, and I can't find any reason to play this over MAG or any other shooter that I have.

Plus, it's online-only. The online must work (and play well) if a game isn't going to have a single-player component. Otherwise, it's dead in the water.

If the game worked properly at launch or immediately thereafter, the community (which has always been the best part of SOCOM) would have grew and remained strong. However, most of my clan (that I played 1 and 2 with for 4 years) have moved onto other games and can't be bother to pop in Confrontation.

Confrontation deserves to be on this list.

Arnon5161d ago

"only because the online wasnt working doesnt mean it was a bad game"

Wasn't the game online-only?...

jjohan355161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

"only because the online wasnt working doesnt mean it was a bad game"

Um, that's pretty bad for an online-only game. And I do agree that Socom Confrontation was a huge disappointment. I absolutely cannot wait when the geniuses at Zipper will release Socom 4.

Haze was an average FPS that got overhyped. It wasn't a bad game on its own.

Lair's controls were originally horrible. The only reason it got better was because of the patch that allowed controls without motion-control.

Legosz5161d ago

Because of SOCOM Confrontation I am not looking forward to the next one.

ShinMaster5161d ago

Not the best reason not to buy the next game, considering Confrontation was not developed by Zipper, the original SOCOM devs who are making the new one.

morganfell5161d ago

There is a reason SOCOM is now the most played game on PSN. It had a great many issues when launched but has been patched and is now an exceptional, tight, and engrossing title.

The fact the moron writer can't grasp that and obviously failed to conduct due diligence puts him in the top 10 websites that should be avoided.

Noctis Aftermath5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Lair even now is horrible, the controls weren't the only problem.

I own it, it's a pretty boring game.

gtamike5161d ago

Haze graphics were good I can't lie maybe not online but offline yes.

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Jamegohanssj55161d ago

Vampire rain is the only lulz on that list.


ian725161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Vampire Rain isn't PS3 exclusive.(is it). Heard it was really bad though.

unknownhero11235161d ago

no, it came out on the 360 first.

antt35161d ago

Well, I've never played any of those games, so i guess I'm doing pretty good.

But I have to say, I've been interested in trying Lair, especially since you can get it pretty cheap and they have the patch now so you don't have to use the sixaxis.

Haze, I played the demo. Not a big FPS fan to begin with, and the demo didn't change my mind.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

Lair is good, and it have a good Story (yes, it have a GOOD Story).

I recommend you to rent it.

The only bad thing, if you are not good with Sixaxis, you can change the controllers to play with the Sticks.

And another thing, if you die in the middle of the mission, you start over, there aren't many checkpoints.

nikkisixx25161d ago

I haaaaaaated lair so much, controls break the game.

kevnb5161d ago

but guess what, it was still horrible generic and ugly. Sure some things looked nice, but overall it was one ugly uninspired mess.

Biggest5161d ago

I know, right? It looks like all the other motion controlled dragon dog-fighting games. Every last one of them.

UnSelf5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )




Chewy1025161d ago

Wasn't Pannzor Dragoon (spelling?) a dragon dog fight game? I don't remember much of the dreamcast (couldn't afford one back then) so please don't kill me.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO5161d ago (Edited 5161d ago )

You can change the controllers to play with the Sticks, and turn off the Motion Controller (Sixaxis).

Erotic Sheep5161d ago

I see what you did there XD <3 Family guy

U get a bubble for that lolol