Microsoft All Buffed Up

Fourth-quarter earnings report Thursday demonstrated that the software giant is firing on all cylinders going into fiscal 2008.

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Xeoset5423d ago

VERY good read!

It's well thought put and the analyst has done well in preparing it all fluantly.

But when you look at all the games coming out in the next 5 months alone, it's undeniable MS are going to get profits soaring off the charts.

It would be good to see Xbox 360 vs. Wii if the Wii didn't have all the hype surrounding it, it wouldn't be selling half as much as it is.

BLACKJACK VII5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

Amen Brother! This Fall & Christmas are going 2B SICK for the Xbox360 !



Nice to see an article on this site based on real world numbers, not flamer opinions! All M$ needs 2 do is a pricecut B4 Chistmas, Lookout Wii !!!

MORE 2008 ?!? - The Marvel mmo, NG2, Doa5, Wolfenstein 360 and Project Offset,........ Thanks candystop, omansteveo, & Stiffler203 !!

EDIT: OMG, I can't keep up - people keep adding to the Xbox360 2008 lineup that has no games - plz read below:

Xeoset5423d ago

Fable 2, Banjo Kazooie, Too Human, Etc are all still there for 2008.

Keep waiting kid, FFXIII's coming in what, 2009? My, your kind have a long wait for a game.

GTFO Troll.

Stiffler2035423d ago

I love how every Sony Fanboy thinks Microsoft has nothing to offer next year. As the guy said above Fable 2, Too Human, Alan Wake, GTA exclusive content, Haze, UT3, and maybe even GOW 2. Plus lots of games yet to be mentioned but yeah your right no games next year for the Xbox 360.

omansteveo5423d ago

RE5.DMC4.GOW2.Halo Wars.Too Human.

candystop5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

You forgot to mention The Marvel mmo, NG2, Doa5, Wolfenstein 360 and Project Offset which will not be possible on PS3 from what I've seen so far lol!

Art of Motion5423d ago

Test Drive Unlimited 2... the best online game ever IMO

Tempo5423d ago

possibly Thesis,and Elveon don't forget to add those. But yeah he's right ..heh no games

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tonsoffun5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

While I love my 360 and I am really looking forward to all the games being released this year, lets face it, the MS console division is loosing cash left right and center - I seriously doubt there will be a price cut anytime soon - they just don't have to - sony is still more expensive than the 360 and they have lost so much money recently with the extended warranty and all the cash going for the GTA episodic content, they won't put themselves in the postion of having a price cut untill they really have too. And IMO, that is no time soon.

What I believe we will start to see is that you will just get more for the same money.

Xeoset5423d ago

Read the article.

Microsoft have been making so much cash that the recent $1.2 billion set back is nothing to them, add the estimates they're set too be making in in Q3+Q4 this year alone and they could easily buy more of that GTAIV DLC time and time again.

You're also forgetting all that reserved money for the 'Xbox Project'. The majority is still there.

tonsoffun5423d ago

I did - doesn't it refer to MS as an entire company? My comments refer to the 360 division only and I still stand by them.

The 360 division can only exist at this point as MS as an entire company is making sh!tloads of money, the gaming division has, and IMO, will always be in the red. Hell, it is no big deal to me or you as MS can afford to have such a huge outgoing while still remaining profitable as a whole. I personally don't care if it is profitable or not - as long as the games are great, I'll still be there.

On the subject of a price drop I believe that there is no need for them to have a price drop at any point this year until the PS3 becomes a serious contender for them. Until then, I truly believe that you will just get more for the same price.

dantesparda5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

You realize that those are just estimates, and could just as easily go the other way. You are jumping to conclsuions. Do you know anything about stocks? if they dont meet those estimates, than their stock will fall. Its how it usually works. Companies like MS, and Intel (really big companies money-wise) are usually really slow movers. And this article is talking about MS as a whole, not just the Xbox division. And of course Kramer and Goldman Sachs is going to talk it up, for they are one in the same. Kramer came from there. And they are both known to be some of the biggest screws in the business.

BLACKJACK VII5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

I keep having to Edit my post & adding the 2008 titles I'm forgeting to mention (that you guys brought up - RE5, DMC4, HAZE, UT3 - that's 4 more) ! Too many games to keep up with !

@ tonsoffun:
Also, sure, the console division has had some losses, but they are *also* making TONS of cash off XBL & the Marketplace & Advertizing to offset those losses. Plus, M$'s software sales are higher than even the Wii's & that's the big bucks. Moreover, M$ has stated over & over they are in it to win - when competition drops their price, even if you are beating them 2-1, it can make good business sense to drop the price & go for the jugular. Plus, come Sept. '07, the cost of Manufactoring the Xbox360 will decrease by 50% thanks to the 65nm chipsets. How much $$$ do you think Sony is losing off of their bluray console ?

tonsoffun5423d ago

that's another thing some losses? More like SH!TLOADS of losses and to be fair, i don't care if they lose money or not, as long as the games are good, i'll still buy them.

Live - while I don't particularly like the Microtransaction thing, I can grudgingly accept them. But what really gets me is the advertising aspect to them. I pay for live every year, I don't want to pay for advertisments. So not only do you have to pay for content, playing onlice, but you still get a service that is highly subsidised by advertising.

Yep they certainly are making money from live and the marketplace and as it is one of the few outlets that they make money at the moment, they certainly are and will continue to use this as a money making outlet - just how much do you think they are going to charge for the GTA episodic content? Don't get me wrong, I'll end up buyng it, but I can still certainly b!tch about it.

I don't believe that the manufacturing costs of the 360 will drop by half, but they certainly will drop. But again, I still truly believe that you will still just get more for the same money. It is not big deal, it is better value.

tehcellownu5423d ago

i wonder why xbots is namin mulitplatform 360 will not make any money on the 360 that for is in it to lose always lose money but they always gain it back in the end..ps1 and ps2 gain back money and makin billions on dead!! no profit...360 goin to be dead soon.they have a chance but the blew it by releasing crappy hardware..

There is no exclusive games on the 360 comin out next year in 0'8..i can name only 3..all the other is multiplatform i can get it on my ps3..and ill be able to play it without no

by next year there be another 2 million broken 360 or


We are listing *a few* multiplat games because some Sony Tool above said we have no games for 2008. By the way, I think you 2 are lost, this is an Xbox360 thread, I think there is a PS3 thread around here for you to go Flame On with the other 10 year olds.

Xeoset5423d ago

Ahhh, the Sony Fantard, an illiterate breed of fools.

Too Human
Alan Wake
Gears of War 2
Halo Wars
Banjo Kazooie 3
Exclusive, Episodic GTAIV DLC
Fable 2
Absolute Blazing Infinity
Cry On
Infinite Undiscovery
All Points Bulletin
Project Progressive
Art of War
Kengo Zero
Dead Rising 2 (Maybe)
Lost Planet 2 (Maybe)
Zegapain XOR
VooDoo Nights

I can keep going?


Falcon Innards
65nm Chipsets
3 Year Warranty

The past 1.5 years and the next 1.5 years have and will continue to be, amazing for the Xbox 360.

candystop5423d ago

There's seems to be a ton of Sony fans like yourself trolling around lately just causing trouble! When will you guys learn that 360 fans really don't care and thats why most of us don't even bother to disagree with Sony famboys! You see we know we have better hardware and software from a games standpoint and can't wait for the day you kick yourself for being so blind! 360 is the best console hands down!

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