Call Of Duty 4 clan support confirmed

Call of duty 4 clan support has been confirmed. You will be able to add a prefix to your name for free instead of paying 800 Microsoft points to create a new gamertag.

The prefix only appears in COD4 and its lobbies and will not be displayed on any other games.

For more info on other features the clan system offers click the link below.

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SuperSaiyan45420d ago

You can do this in Rainbow 6: Vegas as well and all the other Rainbow games with clan support.

A prefix is IN game not your gamertag.

MannyHarlem1415420d ago (Edited 5420d ago )

Me and my brothers call Microsoft the "thieves guild".. they want to charge us for everything. They want to charge for HORSE ARMOR in oblivion... get the fruck outta here lolz

you can add a prefix if you join or create a clan in Resistance Fall of Man

xTCx Death5419d ago

i see why MS charges you to change your name. for 1 you couldnt do it on the OGXBOX you had to get a new GT. besides i dont want to come on every other day and have everyone on my friends list have new names.

computer5419d ago

This was also possible in the Warhawk Beta..

RyuCloudStrife5419d ago

Cant belive this story has been here for 20hrs. guess it's OLD now.

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The story is too old to be commented.