New dynasty warrior screenshots

Dynasty warrior in next gen is a good news for all gamers, and these screen shots prove that we will not be disappointed.

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Sevir045416d ago

seriously is there anything else that they can do. does anything of the world revolutionary and new mean anything to you koei. my word. another DW game. that will get sucky ass reveiws for endlessly mashing buttons till you get blisters. only with dozens more on screen than previous generation of DW games. a better coat of graphics doesn't chage the dated gameplay.


now that i think about it. DW6 is probably that Ni-oh game that they announced exclusivly for the PS3 back in 2005. i'm no longer interested in Koei. i dont want any of there games. they need to come up with something new and fresh. not DW1 in hd because thats all this game is. it was fun when they made 1 but after that.. everything else sucked

Rythrine5416d ago (Edited 5416d ago )

I played DW1, I liked it. But after playing 2, I realized that it was all the same button-mashing game. I read the reviews for 3, 4, 5 because I was kinda hoping that maybe they changed the formula but unfortunately, it was the same gameplay according to the reviews. I also tried Samurai Warriors but, lo and behold, its the same crap just different country or kingdom. Koei got to figure a way to make this game interesting again or else I'm gonna have to pass again.


I played first time DW3 and don't like that much... When I come to know that there was already a fourth game and it's equal on gameplay I have dismissed the series...

Even can't understand this "good news for all gamers" thing... Sure it's graphically beauty, but I have seen Gundam Musou and looks like almost nothing has changed on gameplay... I can easily pass this one. Maybe it's more like "good news for all japanese gamers", or fans, or whatever...

Greysturm5415d ago

Any of them before, i think ill give this one a try looks nice and even though must of the feedback for the gundam game demo is bad i still liked it enough to give it a try ill hope the game is good but its probably a rent first then decide buying scenario.

CAPS LOCK5415d ago

this game is a button masher but i guess its alright. I played 2,3 and 4 and the graphics do get better and so do the environments. the game does not suck at all and its a relief from all these FPS games, but its a renter unless you live in japan.

Kaneda5415d ago

I want next-gen Romance of 3 kingdoms...

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