Capcom Label PS3 Sales "Sluggish"

In a belated translation of Capcom's Q&A following the company's latest financials, the Japanese publisher labelled PlayStation3 sales as "sluggish" and in a double-pronged attack claimed the "PSP hasn't achieved the numbers expected."

Perhaps a reminder of why the Japanese publisher has adopted a multi-format development policy regarding titles such as Resident Evil and Devil May Cry, it's worth noting that Capcom have created one of the most successful titles to appear on the PSP in the shape of the Monster Hunter series.

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kingofps35724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

I wonder what Capcom thinks of the 360 sales. 'Disastrous' is a fitting word.

... actually, I wonder what Microsoft makes of the 360 sales. 'Bad Business' are the fitting words.

SlippyMadFrog5724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

Any Links? Proof? I think that if you posted links it will actually indicate the opposite of your statement.
I also just read your bio, it totally contradicts your behaviour on this site.
PS You actually Want to play Dead or Alive Extreme 2 and Rumble Roses? I wonder why? ;)

Daxx5724d ago

Kingofps3 bio: "I have NO grudge against any gamers gaming on any platform of their choice."

Yeah right.

Numark5724d ago

360 sales so far are a lot better than 360, that is a fact sir.


"kingofps3 a contributor for News for Flamers with 1 bubble & 27 ignores".

tehcellownu5724d ago

The 360 sales is plunging down the hole here and in japan is literaly dead...and microsoft makin no money at ALL with the 360 just like the always lose money but they gain it back all the time!! unlike microsoft who cant even make a penny.and their crappy hardware that dies out to soon...

Capcom need to shut up and bring us the game..we got money for your a$$ stop suckin on microsoft wee wee..

The Swordsman5724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

Anyway, while I can't speak for the USA, the PS3 is outselling the Xbox 360 in Japan and Europe, and possibly in Australia, I'm not very sure. So, I can only imagine that, unless of course the PS3 is getting slaughtered by the Xbox 360 in the USA, the PS3 sales are currently on par, if not better, than the sales of the Xbox 360 on a worldwide scale.

ALI G5724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

in next gen platform( even in japan 360 3.5 while BS3 1.5) +has the biggest instal base worlwide=360 software sales far much better the BS3

the attache rate from last week figures not december
look at the comment in this link where we already did the calculation to find out the attach

( even in japan 360 3.5 while BS3 1.5)
in japan if BS3 has twice 360 instal base ,360 still will sell more software overall becuse it attach rate is more than twice of BS3...heheheeeeeeeee
i think the reason BS3 attach rate is so low is becuse more people use it as grilling mechaine rather than toaster ..

@below the attaCH rate feom last week look at source and the date+ E3 07 Peter Moore revaled 360 attaCH RATE worldwide> WII+BS3 attach rate world wide combained ...FACT...
where is ur source ?...YOU THINK... i do not care about what you think.

hazeblaze5724d ago

Your attach rates are from Dec or 2006! Sales have been declining for the 360 for the past year while sales for the PS3 have increased globally over the last 2-3 mths. They've increased dramatically in the US over the last 3 weeks. But the US is the only place that the 360 was beating the PS3... and for this month at least, the PS3 is even beating the 360 here in the US!

Even if the PS3 sales hadn't been picking up everywhere else... I think #1's post is simply that the 360 sales are in a slump. I think they would see increased sales also if they drop the price... but with all of the losses from their gaming department, they can't afford to do so soon AND even if they do drop it for the holiday... I doubt it will be as drastic as another Sony price drop.

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Blankman5724d ago

Ps3 sales sluggish when they are pretty much selling the same as the 360 in the same time frame. It would also help if they actually tossed ps3 owners some games such as lost plant and dead rising instead of giving away exclusives like RE and DMC. But oh well companies like capcom that always have something negative to say about the ps3 and never anything positive we will see where there will be at in 2yrs time. Ps3 does need a breakthrough game not a game that is using 30% power a game that uses at least 70% to show what the game is really capable of and to shut devs up once and for all

Lord Anubis5724d ago

There is no direct link to the recent capcom Question and Answer session...

Bilzac5724d ago

Man stupido Capcomino they justo needo reasono too mako moro money so theyo releaso multio platformo. Ando the makero doesnto liko consolo warso ando theyo repliedo thato theyo releaso the gamo multio platformo becauso theyo wanto moro people to playo the gameo. My questiono iso why noto mako Losto Planeto and Deado Risingo on Playstiono Triplo? It doesnto make thinko theyo just dunto likeo playstationo threeo...

MikeJonesOK5724d ago

cant believe i understand what you typed

mrk015724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

-xboto (can be the opposite sex to Playstationo threeo)
-wii-o (not an actual gamer, really)
or just....
-console slut (maybe)

iceice1235724d ago

You mean to say developers wish to make money for producing games? My god, this is unheard of!

PS-Wii-605724d ago (Edited 5724d ago )

since the headline is misleading!
Capcom is labelling ps3 SALES as sluggish, not the system itself as the title infers =/

Skillet_1355724d ago

My bad, It wasn't purposely posted that way.

Lightning Mr Bubbles5724d ago

This article doesn't mean anything. Is it giving us news or is it trying to rub something in? You decide.

I personally am shocked by this news, I didn't know this. PS3 was off to the slow start? I had no idea, thanks for informing me. What a shocker. What I didn't know before, I know now.