All Pro Football & Madden 08 Comparsion Video

A video made to compare All-Pro Football 2k8 and Madden NFL 08 through animations, graphics, and gameplay. Which one will you be buying?

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Funky Town_TX4110d ago

I have never played madden 08 but if I gauge it from 07 it will be okay. I have read about how they have tweaked the gameplay. I have APF 08 and the more I play it the more I like it. The game is not perfect. I love the animations in the game play. There are a few things that I hat about the game as well. Players tend to have ZERO momentum in the game. I will give madden a chance this year as I have for 06 and 07. I bash madden and they deserve it. When you lead in something you should come the table with a great game.

TECHNOshamanism4109d ago

who uploaded this video? EA? why did they put the chicago bears song as the background music?

MasterChief28294110d ago

As EGM says, "it seems the best Maddens always come when there is competition".

TruthHurts4109d ago

and i think i`ll be getting madden this year.

PR_FROM_OHIO4109d ago

its time for madden to step up!the last few years the game has gone down.

HungPHAT4109d ago

Madden S#$ks year after year , same cookie cutter game after game ,glad ALL pro is back and it's is it's first year back , looks awesome

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