E3 2007: Fallout 3

War never changes, but Fallout has.

The Escapist previews Fallout 3 and looks at some of changes and familiar elements in a 45-minute gameplay demo.


Highlights of the preview that may be of particular interest to fans of the original Fallout:

-The Pip-Boy, character stat system, and aiming mechanic of the original Fallout have been faithfully updated.

-The combat is not turn-based but uses the VATS (Vault-tec Assisted Targeting System) to allocate action points and target specific body parts.

-The atmosphere, humor and gore of the original Fallout world have survived, albeit in first-person 3D.

-NPCs feel more like Bethesda's than Black Isle's, but dialogue options are hilarious and wonderful.

-The game world changes and evolves more like Bethesda's than Black Isle's: the protagonist's decisions and actions have more impacts on the world in Fallout 3 than in the original Fallout.

-The world is more immersive and feels less isolated and alienated than the original Fallout.

-It is still very much like Oblivion meets Fallout, but the demo did not disappoint the reviewer.

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SpaceCowgirl5424d ago

They say the NPCs feel more like Oblivion NPCs than Fallout NPCs. I wonder exactly what they mean by this? Much of the fun from playing Fallout was the NPC interactions. Still to this day I find the NPCs of Fallout to be more interesting than most of those I met in Oblivion.

ironwolf5423d ago

how the devil does a story reach 100 degrees with one comment?

Rhezin5423d ago

ok what the hell is it, I'm pretty sure the other fallouts were RTS, is this one a FPS or FPS RPG? OR WHAT?

peksi5423d ago (Edited 5423d ago )

A good article, thanks ktchong.

edit: Fallouts have always been RPGs - and showed real example in that genre.