Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Impressions

The dynamic duo set out on another adventure, this time taking on one of Ratchet's enemies who has tracked him down and wants him dead. The total game takes place in a bright, slick cartoon world that combines combat and platforming with cinematic camera angles and high production values associated with Disney/Pixar and similar animated films.

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timmyp535420d ago

this news is from July 12

StateofMind5420d ago

I'm really looking forward to this. Not only will the gameplay be lots of fun, I'm expecting the presentation to be ace.

daveman35420d ago

this game will be awesome, you just know insomniac is going to deliver, absolutely cant wait

TruthHurts5420d ago

between this and Heavenly why i absolutly love SONY.

The R&C:FTOD trailer 2 on the PSstore is AMAZING. man, i cant wait.
These type of games DEFINE SONY. Nintendo or MS has NOTHING like this, NOTHING.

DJ5420d ago

but it's absolutely true. The great combination of PS3's superior hardware and the talent that Sony and their affiliated developers are bringing to the videogame industry is hard to ignore. They constantly push the boundaries of what a videogame experience should be.

Sevir045420d ago

the original playstation and PS2 wasn't able to deliver Kens famous Statement of Pixar's Toystory Graphics. but the PS3 does through the talent of those awesome and creative folks over at Insomniac. a truely impressive set of developers. regardless of what platform they develop for, they'd max it out and push the hardware to new hieghts. the fact that they chose the PS3 just makes this even cooler. R&CF:TOD is a pixar movie done on a console. the humor is what you'd expect from a pixar movie like Finding Nemo, and the action is so over the top and Fun. and then there is that new craze of dancing penguines that they added to it to even make it funnier.

Insomniac just knows how to do games. it's great stuff here and i guarantee you that this will be one of the biggest PS3 sellers this year, because most of every PS fan loves rachet. consoles will fly quite well because of this game. and i'll be amongst those PS3 owners who will be picking up a pixar graphics game come this fall.

WaggleLOL5420d ago

You dimwit.

"One of the basic premises of the Xbox is to put the power in the hands of the artist," Blackley said, which is why Xbox developers "are achieving a level of visual detail you really get in 'Toy Story.'"

Microsoft was the only company dumb enough to make a claim about Toy Story graphics.

Sevir045419d ago

and quite frankly i wont even bother to stoop to your level. go and name call, i'll continue to play games ratchet speaks for itself. you can contest the developers if you want.

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