Haze Video Demo and Interview

This video features a hands on demo and interview for the upcoming FPS shooter Haze, timed-exclusive for the Playstation 3 by Ubisoft.

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tony4107d ago

looks nice. cool gameplay.

Al4107d ago

the gameplay shown was kind of... meh (except for those cool nector gernades and the ability to play dead), but that was more because the hippie dude playing it was sort of awkard. Definitely, going to get this game, provided it DOES come to the 360. Otherwise, this will be one more reason to chalk up a PS 3 (do I have to- Just kidding, folks).

aaquib24107d ago

I must say I had very little interest in it until it was announced exclusive and then I realllly got interested in it. It's timed exclusive till April 2008, then Ubisoft will start announcing the release date and promoting the 360 version, but until then PS3 has a 5 month headstart of this game :). Whether you own PS3 or 360, this game looks incredible, and it's definitely a must have title iMo

Jay da 2KBalla4107d ago

Man I cant wait till next year so I can get this game on 360. Why does Halo3 have to be such a powerful title that games like Haze get delayed because of it? Oh well, another title to look forward too for 2008.

warfed24107d ago

yep... that's all you can do... wait... muahahahah!!!

hazeblaze4107d ago

There are other multiplatform shooters coming out on the 360 besides Halo. So Halo 3 had nothing to do with it. They just haven't finished development on a 360 version.

Halo 3 will be cool for the fall... But Haze & UT3 is going to be the ultimate experience for gamers by the time the winter rolls around.

Jay da 2KBalla4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

warfed- You need to get out the house more.

hazeblaze- Well considering Haze was first shown on the 360, I do think it might have had something to do with 360s incredibily crowded lineup and Halo 3 doesnt help much either. And I respect your opinion on Haze and UT3 however seeing how the Halo franchise is the most popular and successful FPS of all time I think that game might be the ultimate experience but lets just wait until we actually play these games to decide that.

Sevir044107d ago

i doubt UBi had anything to do with the delaying this time around. it was soley something on the developers part and Sony and Ubi's deal of time exclusive matter that prompted the omition of this being a simultaneos release. free Radical. even though i think they are very imature and way to boasty about their product with all theis choice to compete with Halo, has had quite a success with developing on Playstation Hardware. considering how well all 3 timeplitters where done on the PS2. that being said they took choice to make the PS3 as lead platform. even though it was shown on an xbox360 in trailer form at e3. it was planfrom the get goto be a cross platform game. I guess sony saw the potential that this game had and desided to make this a ps3 exclusive for this year. i doubt Ubi even cares about the halo franchise as a particular hinderance in sales. as i've said before. halo 3 isn't the ultimate shooter. it isn't even revolutionary. it's seriously riding the biggest hype train ever simply because halo 2 had such a great multiplayer. in all honesty HalfLife series offered more than Halo in story and gameplay.

halo will sell because of it's 9 million plus fans. and really the xbox360 is at 10+ million sold so that still leaves 1 million left.
this is cleary free rads choice to maximize the ps3 resources for Haze. and Sony and ubi's deal to make it exclusive for 2007. same can be said about UT3.

in any case this game will be great on the 360, even if it comes 5-6 months later. should be great for everyone.

i know i'll be getting this along with COD4 and UT3 this november.

Kleptic4107d ago

while I still do enjoy Halo and halo 2's multiplayer...I totally agree with you...

I don't see Halo 3 doing anything differently than its older will look better...and have new weapons and more vehicles...but gameplay will be no different...most of us have played the crap out of those games...and I am honestly ready for something new...

most will disagree with me...but I think UT3 is going to end up being the fps of the least review and quality wise...Halo 3 will break records...again...and really not do anything will be a solid shooter, like the originals...but its pretty hard to add on to what has already been done with Halo without doing anything drastic...UT3 is the first time a full tilt PC shooter from a PC shooter developer will show up on a console...with the pacing and ability for mods that give games like this years worth of replay value...its from the creators of a series that helped define fps some of us, its kind of a big deal...

If you started playing shooters on an Xbox by means of the halo have no idea what I am talking about...but if you are like some of us, that started with doom and quake...and then Unreal and all the sequels of both...a console has never seen the likes of what will arrive this fall...but most are so Halo3-minded...they may not even see it coming...

Captain Tuttle4107d ago

I don't think Halo 3 will be a dramatic departure from it's predecessors...if it ain't broke, don't fix it. But man alive, will it sell. Ubi made a business decision here...the PS3 sales will carry them until the Halo hype dies down a bit and then they'll release it on the 360. Pretty smart if you ask me. Sony gets a badly needed timed exclusive, PS3 owners get a badly needed new title and 360 fans get their Halo fix. Everyone wins.

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Whoooop4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

Since I first saw this game, I thought it was just another FPS from the bunch, which it still is IMO until It proves me wrong.

BUT the more I see from this game and this video, the more interested in this game I become.

It may be cause PS3 lacks FPS's or because it really promise to be a great FPS. I don't know... What I know is that I'm starting to get exited about this game.

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