IGN: Nintendo DS Best of E3 2007 Awards

Last year Nintendo DS took E3 by storm, offering a plethora of titles to compliment the onslaught of Wii chaos at Nintendo's booth. This year things were a bit more… quaint, which IGN guesses is a good way of saying Nintendo failed to "bring the fun" in the world of DS. Maybe the company thought it was too small of an even to focus on handhelds, or maybe there's less going on with DS this year, but IGN have got to assume the former, as DS success continues to thrive as the fastest selling piece of videogame hardware in the world.

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witchking4197d ago

For as popular as the DS is, you'd think there'd be more games coming for it. Phantom Hourglass is the only game of this mix that I'm looking forward to. My DS is starting to look like my PSP: empty.