The Top Ten Scariest Enemies in Video Game History

Joystick Division writes: "Great horror games provide gamers with unique, powerful experiences of fear and exhilaration. While some focus on atmosphere and tension, others prefer startles and scares. But regardless of the method, all successful horror games include horrifying and disturbing creatures that hunt or stalk the weary protagonists. From meat hook throwing crawlers to spike ridden giants, each of these creatures puts a deep uneasiness in our psyches. And in return, we put bullets in their heads. Here's a list of the ten scariest, most violent, and weirdest creatures we've ever had the pleasure of dismembering. Enjoy!"

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GWAVE3770d ago

No monsters from System Shock 2? Laaaame.

But that's modern gaming journalism for ya.

despair3770d ago

System Shock 2 still freaks me out just thinking about it...good times.

Proxy3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )

L4D is too full of laughs to be scary. Certainly could have a found a better replacement.

mantisimo3770d ago

No pyramid head from Silent hill 2? He was the creepiest dude ever I pooped when I was hiding in the cupboard and he had pretend raped a nurse. Very,very scary especially since he was so slow.

mantisimo3770d ago (Edited 3770d ago )


If he wasn't an enemy with a huge sharp monster knife that chased you in the underground flooded maze and tried to kill you in the apartment block exit or chummed up with his twin brother to stab your heart out, then what was he please?

Megaton3770d ago

You fight him, flee from him, and he can kill you. If that's not an enemy, I'm really curious to know your definition.

TheMutator3770d ago

lol you can play baseball with him and be very good friends

phinch3770d ago

if you'd played silent hill 2 where pyramid head started off and COMPLETED the game you would understand why he isnt really an enemy, I bet all the people who disagree are the people who play the american made latest silent hill where pyramid head was only put in to suit the american fans

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NumeroUno3770d ago

This and definitely the crawling babies with knives in the first Silent Hill - the only game that REALLY freaked me out (stupid radio crackling!)

alphakennybody3770d ago

Pretty decent list, I would've have put the ghost in fatal frame somewhere up there. Unless you have a camera with you, you are screwed.

Inside_out3770d ago

Resident Evil 4: Anybody who played RE4 had to remember the chainsaw couldn't make out where he was coming from and when you did, it was to late...keep running...RE4 had a lot of WTF moments...

Gears of War 1...The first time you run into this 8' tall pretty lady who can't see, but hears and smells darn well was hair raising...

L4D 1 & 2...the witch is something you remember long after it's over...actually...L4d had many moments like that...the Tank...Run!!!...

Metro 2033...this is a hidden raising atmosphere...crazy mutants and running out of air in your mask when you can't find the door...You here yourself breathing, then you start to gasp...but where is the exit???...Mutants hitting you at every turn...I swear I'm turning blue...MUST...FIND...THE...DOO hate it...then you try it again...

Recently...Alan Wake...WOW...great game...trying to scavenge for thermoses and manuscripts get the hair on your neck to stand up...the wind starts to swirl...One part while I was driving, I decided to be a smart A$$ and kill as many Taken as I truck died and I was stranded a good 4-5 min run from the nearest light...AW doesn't run for more than a couple seconds...It was total INSANITY...I had to do it again...AW has many moments like the last thermos at the gas station at the end of the" Hmmmm...What that there glowing at the end of the street....Run, Alan you F'n pansy...RUN!!!! "...At least rent this game if you have a on harder to me...

mrv3213770d ago

L4D 1 ISN'T SCARY. I mean seriously too many zombies, too bright and co-op basically ruins any scare factor.

I've only played Gears 2 so I won't comment.

The_Zeitgeist3770d ago

Honestly I would have given it to the Half Life 2 guys. They are so scary when they are coming at you. I love Half Life 2 but it is a game I can only play in short bursts because of just how damn intense it is.

sorceror1713770d ago

When you're in the middle of a fight and hear that chitter... you drop everything and kill that sucker. Sure, they can't kill you directly, but one bite and *anything else* will end you.

In the commentary, the HL2 developers state that reaction was universal. People would drop everything else to kill those $&#*ers.

Alcon Caper3770d ago

Instead of the slasher in Dead Space, I would have picked those guys towards the end that move insanely fast and look like they're having a massive seizure. I didn't wanna enter that first room for the longest time...

I think they're called Stasis Slashers...

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