Casting call for Tekken

The film is based on the Namco videogame TEKKEN is a near future "Gladiator" style action film. It tells the story of Jin Kazama, a twenty-something street fighter who embarks on a journey to avenge his mother's death at the hands of The TEKKEN Corporation and its CEO Heihachi Mishima. Jin travels a hero's journey into the heart of TEKKEN city and the Ironfist fighting tournament,which is the greatest mixed martial arts competition in the world. He discovers his true identity and fulfils his destiny as the rightful heir to TEKKEN.

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SofaKingReetodded5424d ago

like moves that mimic what we see in the game, some lame choreographed sequence that we have seen in every martial arts film in existence won't cut it.

Omegasyde5424d ago

Add a bit of "dragon ball-esqe" fights like some of Jet Lee's movies or even a dab of Matrix fights.

Take a cue from Jet Lee's, "The One". Cool special effects added into fights.

Darkiewonder5424d ago

than DOA movie.

Just saying.

ArduousAndy5424d ago

this movie is going to blow. Who's with me with trying to audition for a lead role.

Ares845424d ago

I've been waiting for this since Tekken 2 came out!!
And it's even better that they are doing it in my country (Hungary) cool man!!!

sumfood4u5424d ago

The movie i hope it's better than the awful Street Fighter or Super~Mario Brothers Movie. Both these movies sucked an was far off point I don't think the Director played either game. especially having Sagat who 7"11 on the game only be 5"2 in the movie!

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