FIFA '10 - Best Sports Game Ever

FIFA '10 was released to the public last September to huge praises from both critics and fans. It has a score of 90 on, and current sits as the 26th best rated game for the 360, and the highest rated sports game on the 360. The closest sports game to FIFA '10 on that list is NHL '10, which sits in 46th place (although it won sports game of the year last year for many publications, but don't get me started on that). But my reasons for FIFA '10 being the best sports game ever is not about ratings or rankings. It is about how the game is the best simulation of any sport, ever.

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Brian52474130d ago

Is the greatest Sports game of all time. Sorry.

mp12894129d ago

but i sold it because of the bugs.

HOSe4129d ago

i like 2010 world cup - good game