Gamespot's Video Card Roundup - Performance Cards

A follow-up to last year's video card guide, GameSpot's Video Card Roundup for 2007 will show you what cards are widely available in your price range and how they stack up against one another.

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neogeo4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

We are gamers and this site is called news for gamers.
I'm a gamer and this is the kinds news I like.

also this does directly interest gamers. its a video card that helps you play beautiful games.
So please tell me again how this is not gaming news for gamers????

ChickeyCantor4107d ago

Screw video card >=( you get one and its already outdated after a month >=(

BlackTigea4106d ago

the one thing I hate about PC games is you have to FREACKING optomize it everytime, to run the latest game out there. I mean if not the video card its the processor, if thats not it then its Memory etc... I just love console,for they need no upgrade beside Firmware or official updates. I mean out of let say 20 people. WHO in they're right mind will use 1.5G$ to 2G$ just to play Crysis, The game looks Awsome and all. NOT all of us own a freacking 8800GTX in sly mode let alone ONE 8800GTX... This is why I never like playing on the PC. Pay for a monster PC watch it die slowly along the month has new products come out...(pass out)

CAPS LOCK4106d ago

But your forgetting the rich folks and PCs don't get outdated in a months its more like 6-12 months. I want to play crisis but there is no point upgrading my PC just for 1 game and I also like these kinda news, its much better than ps3's selling out and Microsoft being sued and a new gimmick from Nintendo...

DiLeCtioN4106d ago

ive never bought a graphics card and i dont think i ever will.console gaming ftw.