Xbox 360 Games You Won't Want to Miss

The fact that this year's E3 Video game conference was supposed to be a lower budget affair than years past was a point seemingly lost on Microsoft, which rented out an entire hotel in Santa Monica to show off its wares. While the entire lineup considered of more than a dozen title spanning both Xbox 360 and PC, three in particular: Fable 2, Mass Effect and Halo 3.

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ASSASSYN 36o5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

The title should state exclusive games you want to buy. Minus fable from the article my list additions includes AceCombat 6 (o yeagh), Soul Calibur (yes sir), Two Worlds (bye oblivion), Bioshock (bring it on big daddy), Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (99 ways to die), Force Unleashed (feel my power), and Front Lines: Fuel of War (Bye Battlefield moderncombat and you cheap indicators over my head so the enemy can see me a mile away).

Great year and better one coming up.

nasim5424d ago

like HS,LAIR ,UNCHARTED...all x360 games look like wii games

predator5425d ago

too many great games, no time to play them.

GoLeafsGo5425d ago

I feel your pain, brother.
I'm trying to wrap up some PS2 games, and the avalanche of games this holiday season is just gonna kill me!
HOW am I supposed to enjoy such quality software when I have no time? =(!

Hell better have gaming! >_<!

Eclipticus5425d ago

yeah. Mass Effect I am excited for. Halo 3 i will pick up later. prolly around jan or feb. I would rather play Mass Effect, Bioshock, Assasins Creed, and Two Worlds, than Halo3. Definatly more games than free time.

BLACKJACK VII5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

I agree. Except Halo is #2 or #3. I'm not a Grand Theft fan, but that game will be huge.
For me, it's:

1.MASS EFFECT - the ultimate rpg
2.BIOSHOCK - fresh fps
3.HALO 3 - the fps franchise
4.COD4 - sick fps
5.Assassin's Creed - action adventure
6.Two Worlds - rpg
7.Force Unleashed 2008 - action adventure
8.Too Human 2008 - action adventure with killer co-op
9.Alan Wake 2008 - action adventure
10.Dark Sector 2008 - scifi with Gears gameplay

PS-Wii-605425d ago

That's MY most anticipated title.
There's a lot of others too but, that's top of my list. Honorable mentions go to BioShock and Alan Wake.

Halo 3 used to be on my list but, slowly worked it's way off.
I fell in love with Halo: Combat Evolved (that game was the reason I bought my XBox), Halo 2 was just more of the same with a few small additions, and the Halo 3 Beta, although fun for a while, really did nothing for me. I think I'm all Halo'ed out =P

Like predator said, too many games so little time, and there's way too many other games besides Halo to keep me busy.
I'll prolly pick it up later on but, not at launch.

Condemned 2: Bloodshot FTW!

FeralPhoenix5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

but Halo3 is a must have on launch day for me. The Halo3 Beta was so much fun, almost everyday me and one of my buds at work talk about something that happened while playing the Beta, or what we liked, changes we want or something about the campaign. Yes we both think Mass Effect may be the ultimate game this year but I know about 20 people who own a 360 personally and every single one of them can't wait for Halo3 and most of them are not as big of an Halo fan as Iam (I don't think). Yeah, I know there are many great games coming some of which people might want more than Halo3 but I think Halo is still the most anticipated title for 360 owners, its funny though because the original Halo is why I bought the first Xbox too, I suspect its probably the same for millions of other gamers.....and look how far the 360 has come since those first xbox days (game library).

clownfacemcgee5425d ago

Halo 3 looked incredible, but since the game is a first person shooter, and those shots were in third person, they must be pre-rendered cutscenes and not gameplay. =( If there's any game though, that tempts me all the time to buy a 360, it's Halo 3. Hopefully, I can wait 'til after the 65nm processors. =)

Dr Pepper5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

@ Floxnard

Those are in-game shots. The devs are able to pull the perspective (or camera) out to a third person viewpoint. Even then, all movies are made with the in-game engine anyways (for the Halo series).

MoonDust5425d ago

Geez. Every single shot shown at E3 is In-game, they just move the camera so you can see the chief.

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Dr Pepper5425d ago

I agree with PS-Wii-60, Condemned 2 is one of my most wanted games. I also think the new Splinter Cell will be amazing with a whole new style of gameplay.

I also agree that Mass Effect and Fable 2 are two games to look for (and that you won't want to miss). But I'm not that big of a Halo fan so I may have to pass on least for a while (I'll be playing Bioshock during that time).

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