DJ Max Dev Announces New PSP Shooter

Pentavision, the Korean developer behind DJ Max Portable, has announced it latest title: S4. Unlike their previous titles, this is not a rhythm game, but rather, a third person shooter. The game will come in to incarnations: an online PC game called S4 League and a PSP version called S4 Portable. When asked why Pentavision keeps making PSP games, the producer said they wanted to give something back to the fans who made their PSP rhythm game DJ Max Portable so popular. The new game is based on, and we're quoting the title's producer, "Stylish Shooting Sports." S4 League will focus more on team work, while the PSP incarnation will focus more on the "action game" elements. Characters from DJ Max Portable even make appearances! What's more, many musicians who provided music for DJ Max have created tunes for this game as well. Best part? Supposedly, the game will see a worldwide release.

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Darkiewonder5424d ago

and if they were cool they would release DJ Portable Max 1 and 2 here in the states so I don't have to pay an extra 5-10 dollars through Play-asia. {Wonders if eBay has it}

NICE! a stylised shooter? Sweeeeet!

Marona5424d ago

So looking forward to it, I better hear something of DJMP3 by the end of the year!!!