Best of E3 2007 Awards Part 3

Here are 5 different videos from the E3 07 Awards, including: Best trailer, Best third person shouter, Best role playing game, Best fighting game and Best sports game...

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1. COD4 - Best trailer (& best Demo of E3 !!)
2. Fracture - Best 3rd peron shooter
3. Eternal Sonata - Best RPG ?
4. VF5 - Best fighting game
5. Madden 2008 - Best sports game

I think #2 Fracture is fair, but Dark Sector may well give it a run for it's money. The only one I really disagree with is #3 Eternal Sonata, Mass Effect will destroy this game & all other RPGs. The Madden series is great, but being a college football fan, I prefer NCAA. GameTrailers is a killer site.