The Darkness Video Walkthrough

Complete Hard difficulty video walkthrough for The Darkness, including all collectibles

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Phantom_Lee5424d ago

anybody know if The Darkness comic is any good?

Whoooop5424d ago


PS: I don't know, but from the ones I saw in the extra content of the game, I think it might be good.

Itachi5424d ago

play the demo on psn this game sucks

ShiftyLookingCow5424d ago

same here after playing it on XBLM, saving money for Lair instead

MACHone5424d ago

I loved the game. It had a good plot, good voice acting, and an enormous attention to detail. It's major downfall is that if you disregard the side-quests, the main story takes about a max of six hours to beat on normal difficulty. You have to admit, that's short, even for a shooter.

Denges5424d ago

i came i rented it and i gave it back

this game is pretty crap

BlackTigea5424d ago

Have you guys noticed... That XBLM does not have (The Darkness)Theme or demo. For the Theme I have it, I never downloaded it and I dont see it on Live. Anyone got that also ?

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