I'm not sure what this guy was thinking with this, but this is definetly the oddest thing I have ever seen anyone perform on their $400 console. Check out the picture...

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Karibu5400d ago

There isn't really better use for X360 =)

BIadestarX5400d ago (Edited 5400d ago )

@Karibu, you think this is nice? Wait till the PS3 comes out, it will make a nice $600 Tissue incinerator. It will be right next to my toilet, so when I wipe my ass (thank you Xbox 360 for the tissues) the PS3 can take care of the rest (burn waste using the blu-ray laser). That's what I call Innovation; thank you Sony!

xeon1215399d ago

ah the flame wars continue retard fanboys

xXbebofisherXx5398d ago

Now i know what to do with my old 360 case when i smack all the innards into my red case. thats very cool instead of laying around a perfectly good case make it in to something useful. this guy awesome. very ingenius.

ok seriously stop this fanboy crap. a game console is a game console. every console plays to your playing style. u like turn based rpg's then get a ps3. you like shooters and action get a 360. you like just having fun with the corniest games around get a wii (im already reserved my wii). stop with this hate crap. its a freaking system. jesus get a freakin life.