The Shane Kim Interview: Halo 3 hype, Too Human, Alan Wake, 2007 vs. 2008 Plans, Windows Vista, and much much more

Game Informer have ended their E3 executive interview string with managing director of Microsoft Game Studios, Shane Kim. Microsoft's This no-holds-barred interview gets the goods on Halo 3 hype, Too Human, Alan Wake, 2007 vs. 2008, Windows Vista, and much much more.

Game Informer: So what do you think about this new E3?

Shane Kim: It's not that different for me-a press briefing is a press briefing. I'm not sure how much I miss the spectacle. We spent so much crazy money trying to outdo each other, and I'm not sure for what benefit. You guys are going to be able to see our best stuff behind closed doors, so you're going to see what we would show on show floors anyway-and every publisher will do that. It's probably not as convenient for you guys, but hopefully we get 90% of the effectiveness with 10% of the overall money that the industry would blow on E3.

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PS360PCROCKS5421d ago

"I will tell you this: We understand exactly that point. Perfect Dark, Goldeneye, Conker…"

Oh please bring us another bond game and make it good like goldeneye!

TriggerHappy5421d ago

Games convention will be really great. Cant wait to see what all three parties unveil at the event

jboogie815421d ago

is clearly an xbox fanboy (pure sarcasm). This was a lengthy good interview. I still don't understand why Peter Moore left, but this guy should replace him as 360's number 1 spokesperson

Itachi5421d ago

name titles for the games sound boring too human, alan wake WTF

Dr Pepper5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

Those names tie directly into the stories. Alan Wake is the main characters name. Why not name it that when it's about that person fighting the demons from his own nightmares (everything comes from him, why not name it after him?). Too Human is about the main character being considered too human to be a real god.

Both are great names.

ShiftyLookingCow5421d ago

Remedy needs to show more about Alan Wake, that Intel Quad core demo was amazing. But time for me return to Resistance.

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