Patapon - Innovative LocoRoco Like Game

Sony's Patapon probably got lost in the noise of all that shooting in Killzone and the rushing drool over Echochrome, but this PSP game looks like one of the few totally unique first party efforts for the handheld.

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Vojkan5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

This game is so scary! I am not kidding, when that tree speaks in that strange scary!
EDIT:My question is, what was creator of this game smoking when he got idea to make this game :)

nurayi5421d ago

I liked locoroco, but this looks even more fun.

MK_Red5421d ago

The game models may have a tiny resemblence to LocoRoco but the art, colors and gameplay are totally different and odd.

I dont know what this game is and hilw its not really cute or cool IMO, its very strange and rather interesting.

GoLeafsGo5421d ago

Can anyone explain to me what it is that's happening in the video?

I mean, who are you supposed to control? The itty-bitty people-things, or the giant moonsters?

And what's with O and [] popping up everywhere?

Am I just really =p

nurayi5421d ago (Edited 5421d ago )

I *think* that it is somewhat of a strategy game in which the player controls the little guys who shoot arrows at the big boss. but I am just speculating from this video. also kind of thrown in is the "pata" "pon" cues that maybe make this closer to parappa the raper. but I am pretty sure you control the little guys.